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Thursday, 12 February 2009

A Math based Music Mix (reupped)

If you arrived on a google search for a band name, give the mix a try and see if it shapes up to your taste.
Mediafire Kindly informed me that two of the tracks here infringed copyright.
Apparently Jay Retard rang them from the Grave--(he is Sadly no longer alive) and complained that he was not receiving his royalties.
Therefore along with the Liars track- (who are no good anymore anyway) the mix is slightly shorter.
BUT dont let that stop you from enjoying the music.
If you really want the (Late) Jay Retard's track, why not find it on youtube and get the Fine retailers, "maniactools"
youtube to MP3 converter program?-It's free by the way.
And so is this MIX---So Download Ahuru.
1. Broken social scene.--Almost crimes.2002.
2. Black mountain.--Black Cat.2008.
3. Best Fwends.--Get away from me.2008.
4. Animal Collective.--People. 2007
5. Dan Friel.--Buzzards.2008.
6. Deastro.--All you deadeyes rejoice.2007.
7. Thee Hydrogen Terrors.--mexico.2008.
8. Oakley Hall.--Confidence man.2006
9. Klaxons.--As above so below.2007.
10. Dan Deacon.--Pink Batman.2007.
11. Wavves.--Teenage super party.2008.
12. Ty Segall.--The Drag.2008.
13. Women.--Group Transport Hall.2008
14. Casino versus japan.--The Possible Light.2002.
15. Parts & Labour.--Probably feeling better already.2007.
16. Talk Demonic.--Shallow Doldrums.2008.
17. Teeth Mountain.--Black Jerusalem.2008.
18. Crime in choir.--Night Bandit.2004.
19. Bentley Rhythm Ace.--Do the christmas rush.2000.
Jay Reatard.--Flourescent grey.2008.--REMOVED--
20. Bondage Fairies.--He man.2008.
21. Holy F++K.--Casio Bossa Nova.2008.
22. Digitalism.--Echoes.2007.

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