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Friday, 8 November 2013

"Lunar" - "LadyBones" and "Skverna"

From "Zagreb"          "LUNAR"    'Post Rock'

( From Discogs )
Probably the most well known post-rock band from Zagreb,
 Lunar was created in 1998, after Bojan and Nixa left "Gone Bald".
 A few guitarists (Franjo, Mexo, Sven, Saša) came and went before 'Davor' and 'Mijo' settled down with Bojan and Nixa. 
They released their debut 'There Is No 1' in 2000, and third full lenght 'Turbo' in 2004, while their second album was never released.
That never released 2nd album sound's intriguing.
A bit close to the edge of  'Too slow to please'
and ambience, nevertheless some pleasent sounding Post Rock,
and 'Name Your Price' on the MoonleeRecords bandcamp page, jez here,
(No other link for these guys)
"Lady Bones"
From Cambridge, Mass,
Jeremy, and

3 songs on the Annoyingly Unreadable Bandcamp for FREE,
and a Youtube page that me and my Realplayer haven't checked out Yet.
"Lady Bones"_-_Bandcamp_-_3-songs
fit the farce in here,
and the Youtube page,

"Citta Aperta"
( Open City )

A Gorkov - Bass and funny screaming,
A Chiesa - Vocals and stupid jokes,
R Servantes - Drums and Latino Dance
Post Hardcore,
6 track EP for FREE,
plus an extra track to pick up as well,
the russian Social Network site, (sign up today)
theres some good music on a player to check out.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

"The Prophet Nathan" - "Action dead Mouse"

"Nashville" Tennessee
Scott and
"Secret Teachings"
(See Gurdjieff post below)
Name your Price.

Personalised Website.
( no farce today)
"The Prophet Nathan"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Secret Teachings"

it's the prophet Nathan so you know its gonna be GOOD.
and the very Cool, website,
"Bologna" Italy,
"Action Dead Mouse"

"Perché questa casa ci esplode negli occhi?"
"Why this house explodes in your eyes ?"
A good question.
December 2012 saw the 7 track "a" ,
then the four track  "perch questa" EP mentioned  above in  January this year.
Both for FREE on Bandcamp.

Previous to this there were two Albums
on the
"Action Dead Mouse" website.
Still there and still FREE.
"Pets and Nerds Attack Planet Earth" 2007
pictured below,
"Revenge of Doormats and Coasters" 2009,

plus, Download Page of the Action Dead Mouse Website,

Monday, 4 November 2013

"Meetings with Remarkable Men"

I've been reading book's, due to the lack of new music being released.
Lot's to come closer to christmas, no doubt.
In the meantime here's a video, introducing the idea's of 'Gurdjieff' and by association, 'Ouspensky'.
He for whom the Blog is named after.
That man has sleeping inside of him, capacities for a higher conciousness is almost universally accepted.
But to reveal these hidden or 'Esoteric' capacities requires a lot of hard work.
If your interested in these idea's feel Free to comment, either before or after you have made yourself familiar with the FREE  PDF's, linked to below the video.


Alternate Youtube Link of the same video,
Youtube.com_-_"Meeting with remarkable Men"_-_watch_

One of the Few Books that is better or at least Markedly Different from the Film.
Probably due to the Book being "Auto" Biographical, and the film 'Biographical'.
In other word's, the Film lacks the Authentic 'Voice' of the Author.

Mediafire.com_-_"The Fourth Way"_by_"P D Ouspensky".pdf
This book contains not only the lectures that Ouspensky gave,
 but carefully selected question's from Student's of the system that help to clarify the idea's.

Mediafire.com_-_"The Theory of Celestial Influence".pdf
By Rodney Collin a student of Ouspensky.
Interestingly different approach to the 4th Dimension of Time.
Of interest to anyone that may be familiar with the works above, or of Charles Hinton, for example.