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Saturday, 17 August 2013

"Robot House" and "Plazas"

From 'Wroclaw' Poland.
Symon (git, bass, dr, lyrics)
Martin (git, bass)
Krzysiek (git, bass, dr, voc)
Julia (voc, piano, lyrics)
 2 releases to pick up on the Name your Price, listen,
 then buy Hardcopy, (Optional) system.
"Krytyczny Wyjątek"- - translates to  "Fatal Exception" and is pictured above,
and the "Pełna wydajność EP" - - "Full Performance EP" featuring the track on the player.
Post Rock of the Male / Female vocal kind, sometimes instrumental, experimental, altwernative,
better than the mainstream crapstream.
"Robot House"_-_Bandcamp_-_'Krytyczny wyj tek'_-_"Fatal Exception"
"Robot House"_-_"Pełna wydajność EP"_-_"Full Performance EP"
also let us not forget the Farce.
farcebook_-_"Robot House"

Duo from 'Houston'
Jake Cano - Guitar
Jared Newton - Drum
Only three tracks so far, released last month, and titled
"This must be a trap" a laid back sound but nevertheless consistent and never tooo
Shows quite a bit of promise, get it for FREE, jez below.
"Plazas"_-_Bandcamp_-_"This must be a trap"
no FARCE ¡Shock GIf¡

Thursday, 15 August 2013

"Brazilian Money"

February 2010 saw the release of
"Friendly Neighbour" from which the above track is taken.
Appearing also on the
"Ouspenskyfallexo_blogspot_"Not too political nothing too clever" Mix.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

"Kaiten" and "Binaire"

From Leon Spain,
Nacho, and
Get it Here, for FREE.
Experimental Punk Math Rock.

Pictured is the March 2007 release, "Bete Noir".
Industrial Punk Post hardcore from
Marseille France.
2 guys as you may have guessed from the name.
 You can get "Bete Noir" and the 2010, "Idole",
 track by track for FREE, below the player.

also for Gig times,

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

"Reveille" Lisa Durox and Francois Virot "Alligator"

Reveille is
Lisa Duroux, and
Francois Virot, from Lyon, France.
The above track is the Title track from the 2010 release
"Time and Death"
you can pick it up from clappingmusic Bandcamp page for name you price,
"Clappingmusic_Bandcamp_-_"Time and Death"
Look to the Top of the page and you'll see,
The album on the right,
"Broken Machines" which will set you back
7 Euro's.
Reveille have a Farce Book, ici,

In addition to 'Reveille'
Francois, has also released under his own name,
and with the noise synth sounding
"Clara Clara"
Four releases to date the last two, 2007's,  'AA' and the '2010',
"Comfortable Problems",
 you'll have to buy or search for.

Dont, However, despair because there is the 2005 Self titled Album
and the 2006 4 track "J'taime" EP, both available for
"FREE""ClaraClara_-_Bandcamp_-_"Je taime"
and here is the Francois Virot Website.
-sites-google_"Francois Virot"/blog

Alligator are,
Lisa Duroux, from 'Reveille' ,above and,
Elizabeth Hargrett. 

The 5 track Album you can pick up for FREE over here,
"We are Alligator"_-_Bandcamp_
Lisa has a website with links, Info, and ARtwork.


Sunday, 11 August 2013

"North End" n "Wired Sophia"

Instrumental math,
from West Chester, Pennsylvania,
Marcus, and
Peter, are offering you their first 2009 release,
"In Through the Musical Earth" for FREE.
"Northend"_-_Bandcamp_-_"In Through the Musical Earth"
they also have an 11 track Self Titled, 5 bucks,
'Atlantica' 12 tracks for 7 bucks,
and a Single track released this Month for FREE.
here's their Website with tour dates,

Four guys from Verona Italy,
Giulio Zanetti (vocals, guitar, keyboard)
Arnold Braho (vocals, guitar)
Victoria Menegotti (bass)
Ettore Dara (drums)
 calling themselves,
"Wired Sophia" and they're calling the EP,
"Falling Skies"
vocals are a bit proggy, but not in a bad way.
get it ,here,
"Wired Sophia"_-_Bandcamp_
and check the Farce,
here//farcebook_-_"Wired Sophia"
and,be sure.