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Thursday, 11 July 2013


albert, and
who are they like?
Mogwai, Zu, Ulan Bator.
But who the track above, reminds me of most is 'Slint'. (?)
"Melodies beside the Railway" April 2013,
is the first EP from this
'Veronese' trio, (that means their from Verona).
(in Italy).
Name a Price that suits your pocket on the
"Zugabe" bandcamp page, and listen to 6 Instrumental Post Rock tracks at a
time to be chosen by YOU! here,
gig's and tour Info, here,--Ulula Festival JULY 14, for example,
farcebook_-_"Zugabe" official_-_Events_
N J O Y.


Verona is in northern Italy.
'Cellore' is 20 km East of Verona.
If you visit the Bandcamp page of
"Lord Winni" records, you will see that a lot of bands have played
around the Pool seen in the above picture.
Not least,
who are
"___-____" Bass,
"____-____" Bass, and
"______" Drums.
Playing a type of Bass focused post rock with pretensions towards Math,
Not ambient, but then again not for the top of a saturday night dance fest.
There are two 4 track releases by BOHtrio
up for Name your Price and Download on the
Lord Winni bandcamp site, here,
"Lord Winni"_records_Bandcamp_-_Bohtrio 'Live in Cellore'
and here,
Lord Winni_records_Bandcamp_-_'BOHtrio'_-_'Theo 1'
they of course have nothing to hide from the NArSeA,

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

"Casse Brique"

From "Brussels" a Duo
playing your favourite kind of manic Math.
It would appear that they have now broken up,
nevertheless they have left  two albums in their wake.
One of which, the 2011,
"Rebelote contre Coinche"
can be had for FREE at the Provocatively named,
"Spankmemore"_-_Bandcamp_-_Rebelote contre coinche_
an earlier album entitled
"Glumor" from 2007,
can be had from the kind people at Mirrorcreator,
(its only 128 bits per though)
and remember y'all,
The Farce,


Im shamelessly reblogging this piece of otherwise, unknown and unreleased Post Hardcore Music.
because I think people should hear it and enjoy it.
So many thanks to the,
where you can find out about the other works of
"Erv Lockett" et al,

  'After Scout dissolved in early 1996, I remember the guitarist Erv Lockett (Scout, Motherfucking Tourettes, Crusher Destroyer, Karate Bear Fighter, Volcanism, etc.) started doing solo guitar shows, and eventually added his previous bandmate Scott Wishart on drums and calling themselves Ostinato Grove. Sometime after this, they added a bassplayer named Dave Knox and then they shortened the name to Ostinato. I don't think they had any official releases, but they did have this CDR floating around in the early 2000s, which is quite impressive.'
'James Joyce'---beyondFailure.Blogspot.
-----and here is that Unreleased Album,
(Sorry no pic's)

Monday, 8 July 2013

"Silence Kit"

From Moscow.

Boris Belov-guitar

Fedor Dmitriev-vocal, guitar

Sergey Bogatov-bass

Eugene Frankevich-guitar,keyboards

Sergey Bolotin-drums, percussion

The track above from the 2002 Self Title album.
Available on the Bandcamp for FREE.
This was followed by,
"Pionear" in 2004,
"The Great Red Spot"  2007,
"Triumph of the Light" 2012,
and the single track,
"Sedna" in March 2013.
All for FREE, jez below,
"Silence Kit"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Triumph of the Light"

Sunday, 7 July 2013

"Maria Magdalena"

From 'Lyon' in France,
with a minimum of information other than there are probably 4
band members come,
"Maria Magdalena"
Guitar and
Not as odd as it sounds.
This post hardcore group are offering their November 2011
self titled album for a Price to be Chosen,
By YOU!!!
"Vox project_-_Bandcamp_album_"Maria Magdalena"
also for Tour and other band Info.
and as ever
Here's a Good Video,