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Saturday, 1 February 2014

"Hawks & Oxen"

Two releases from 'Minneapolis' Band,
 "Hawks & Oxen"
'Coarse Course' and
"Shadow Matter".
Both Free at the Bandcamp, JeZ,
and of coarse a Farce.

Friday, 31 January 2014

"Seaside Postcards"

New Wave / Post Punk are how
"Seaside Postcards"
tag themselves.
Their Self titled EP came out in September 2011,
then in 2012, the above Picture//Playing
"Hope and Faith"
Andrea Terenzi | Drums
Michele Traglia | Voice/Guitar
Thomas Koppen | Bass
From "Pesaro" Italy,
Down from Venice, opposite Rome, on the East coast of the Adriatic.
Both 5 track EP's can be had for FREE here,
b"Seaside Postcards"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Hope and Faith"

"Naked Naps"


"Rayleigh" north carolina,
John Meier, and
Catie Yerkes.
Sounding Pretty darned Fresh,
There's an 8 track Album called "Ok, Bye"
you can have for FREE,
 along with 3 of the tracks in a DEMO style Stream Only.
Grab here,
"Naked naps"_-_Bandcamp_-_"OK, Bye"
maybe scout the Farce ?
Lots of Action if you are In or Near Rayleigh Nth Carolina.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


This is a Guy from Russia, not much else I can tell you other than there are 3
Albums FREE to download from Last,fm.
Worth sorting through for Gem's like the Above.
Lastfm._-_"Arkstar"_-_"Dream Island"

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


ReBlog for New Material.

Last April I posted these guys, and just recently discovered
another 4 tracks on their Soundcloud.
Well worth the Downloading, over here,
Simon, and
are "Bewilder" from  'Southampton' England.
6 tracks go to make up the Excellent EP, Grab For FREE.
"Bewilder"_-_Bandcamp_--"This Isnt Life its Just stuff"_EP
 check their Farcebook,

Monday, 27 January 2014

"Adult's the Elderly and Children"

Starting out in 2010
"Adults, the Elderly and Children" released,
the 5 trck "Films EP"  in 2011. 
This 'London' band consisting of
Niall Coffey
Nick Ellis
Jon Keirn, and
Aaron Scott
manage to pull of the MATH Vocal style better than Most.
the "Night School" EP came out in July 2011,
with a 2 track "Beez" the most recent in Feb 2013.
You can get them All for Namer Your Price  here,
"aecisbest"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Night School"_EP.  
there's a farce to check for Dates etc,
recently played with "Delta Sleep" and "Suffer like G did",