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Saturday, 25 May 2013


From 'Stockholm' Sweden come,
 sometimes for clarity spelt "QGMR"
Picking up comparisons with Fugazi and Faraquet,
You 'ARE' going to like their 2008 album,
"We Know we don't Know"
get it for FREE at the Qgmr website, jezzz Bbelow,
where it says Download--qgmr.com/#home
Patrik, and
Had an earlier release in 2002, called
"Quit is not loud" which I cannot find on the net,
although if you got to youtube  oops,
I meant to say

Youtube 'QGMR' 'Senator EP'.
you will also find their 'Extended Condition' Ep,

No facebook that I can find for these guy's,
 so im not sure if they are still gigging.
Anyway, here's the Mice-Place_-_Qgmr
and as always,

Friday, 24 May 2013

Half Visconte

In 1999 'Half Visconte' released a self titled disc, pictured above.
Then in 2002 came the "Was it Fear" EP.
I can find very little about this band.
Going down the band members names' on Discogs, doesnt turn
anything up. SO.
Backing Vocals– Mike Wright           
  • Bass– Ben Taylor
  • Drums– Mike Wright
  • Guitar, Vocals– Dick Minardi, Scott Tennent
  • Keyboards– Ben Taylor, Clay Holley           
  • Thats about it, except of course for the 2 FREE
    downloads available on Bandcamp.
    Very Post hardcore/post rock, sometimes moody,
    altogether a Welcome addition to any serious music afficianado's collection.
    "Half Visconte"_-_Bandcamp_trck_"11"

    Thursday, 23 May 2013

    "Les Louise Mitchels"

    Geoffroy, and
    from 'Paris'
    Tagged as Noise punk, but delivering much more.
    Experimental Post/hardcore/rock/Jazz,
    Never a dull Second.
    Start with the split LP pictured above,
     which along with the rest of their
    Output, is Name Yr Price over on the Bandcasmp,
    Les Louise Mitchels_-_Bandcamp_split-with-sex-drugs-rebetiko
    no farcebook or sMouse Place
    so for more info, the Moncul Org site has the good'ss,

    Wednesday, 22 May 2013

    Thinguins and Friends

    From Jacksonville Florida, "Thinguins" are a trio that bring you a tappy and pretty identical
     version of the kind of music they use to play when they went by the name 'Friends'
    Friends had a lot of fun vocals that I found very welcome compared to the usual angst and frustrated Emo type sing/shouting so popular among math group's.
     The name change doesn't seem to have had any effect on Thinguin's style as you can hear on their old bandcamp page where you can download their previous EP as well as a Live recording of them containing 3 extra tracks.
    They have just one demo song available so far under the new name,
    which you can listen N download,
    Plus they have 4 tracks on youtube which you can pick up

    Monday, 20 May 2013

    Above us the Waves

    From Oxford England come,
    "Above us the Waves"
    and they are,
    Joseph Harrison - Vocals, Violin and Guitar
    Peter Harvey - Bass Guitar
    Tom Peacock - Guitar
    Joseph Shuttleworth - Drums
    .In 2010 they released the EP pictured above, which, 
     you can pick up from their bandcamp for a name your price Price.
    Playing a kind of Post Folk edged with a mathy sound, (ie fresh and new).
     In 2012 3 more tracks followed on the 'Paper Birds' EP.
    The violin is used by this group to very good effect.
    Start with the track, 
    'You can be my Wingman' from the 1st EP jez below.

    and the 
    obligatory figure of ffarcebook_-_Above us the Waves_