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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Another Math Based Music Mix

Roll on 2014.
Same applies to the mix below---
mediafire agin kindly informed me that The Death Set and The Rapture dont want you to hear their music anymore---

01--Go-Neko--Go Kraut-a species of mutant.
02--Sic Alps--A message from the law-Deskription of the harbor.
03--Future of the left--Fingers become thumbs-kurses.
04--dat politics--freak me out--mad qit.
05--Coachwhips--brains out-dble death.
06--desert planet--riot sektor 68-moonrox.
07--the shortwave set--slinqshot-self title.
XXXX-the death set--negative thinking-XXXXXX
09--wizardz--diamond mirror-the hidden city of talmudd.
10--hella--the hand that rocks the cradle-theres no555 in space.
11--ghostland observatory--robotiq magestic--self title.
12--blank dogs--leaving the light on--dyana.
13-- wizardz--do come in--city of talmudd.
14--the okmoniks--im on my own-self title.
15--dodo byrd--chickens--B-Ware of the mayniacs.
16--no-bunnny--love visions-bone yarrd.
17--liars--we live N·E of compton--they threwe us all in a trrench and built a monument.
18--black bear--black bear the cinnamon fase.
19--the doddos--red and purple-visitor.
21--the music tapes--in an ise palace-4 clowds and torn adoes.
22--oneida--ceasers column--secret wars.
23--lightening bolt--moro moro land--self title.
XXX-the rapture--modern romance-out of races and on to traces.-XXXX
25--the war on drugs--taking the farm-wagon wheel blues.
Another_Math_based_MIX_Part_1.zip_linksPART 1
Another_Math_based_MIX_Part2.zip_linksPART 2.