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Saturday, 22 February 2014

"SuperEgo Kid"

From "Kromeriz" in Czech
Libor, and
Although it is tagged ambient, dont let that put you off.
Some Very Pleasent Post Rock here, to be had for Nmae Your Price !!
5 track EP titled 2012
the farce,


2 previously BUY only album's are now,
Name Your Price.

Four Piece band from 'London'
Absolutely Post Everything, echo's of storm and stress chaotic pendulum sound.
Plus colouring by just about every modern style of Music there is.
Really recommend this.
And what Tasty Art Work.
 Picture Above is from the 2011 "Stay in the Home you Love"
and the track on the Player is from the 2009, Chauffeurs, get it here,
here's a farce book to get gig times,
They Are on TOUR in Europe in April,

Friday, 21 February 2014

"Santa Marta Golden"

From Granada in Spain,
A strange Mixture of Female Post Rock Vocal,s almost Spoken with
Experimental Music and occasional burst's of just about anything.

"Santa Marta Golden"
Have just released a NEW 5 track album " The Stroboscopic Head"
"La Cabeza Estroboscopia"
for 4 Euro's, but if you would like to Familiarise yourself with the 'Santa Marta Golden' sound,
Why not Grab the earlier, 12 track "El Fallo Humano" for FREE !
that translates as "The Human Error"
Woah, jez below'a,
with Their OWN website, spy it out,

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Duo from brentwood New Hampshire,
Andrew Paolini,
Jackson Waldron, are,
"Basement Tapes" is
6 tracks for a name your Price,
Excellent Sound
Brilliant Synergy that Duo's seem to pull off
more than any other format.

"Superdude"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Basement Tapes"
along with a farce,