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Friday, 23 January 2015

"Oscillator Bug"

"Burst of the Million"
From Chicago,

Download Link is here,
Cant find a Facebook,
But there is a Twitter,

"Shut In"

No Picture

I found out about this Toronto band, "Shut-In" on an excellent blog called,
Lot's of post hardcore and Very obscure stuff.
Take the "Shut-In" as an example, including a couple of guy's from the band 'Pecola' and another who went on to play in 'Picastro', the "Shut-In" had only one album,
"Mediafire"_-_"Shut In"_-_"Would Hope Never Happen".com/download/r40giv1d715384u/si-whnh.zip
If you'd like to know why the Band chose that Name and how the Great album title came about,
you can read an Interview by 'Wavelength-Toronto' with them, Juz Below, http://www.wavelengthtoronto.com/back_issues/02_05.html (not too long),
 From the interview in 2003 with "Shut-In" (see above,)
"Having Worked in the corporate market, I know who you mean when you say many question the relevance of Art and music.
In a total economy where everything down to our DNA will soon be for sale, of course art and music is viewed as irrelevant by people with no creative conceptions beyond where they will find the next market for their product and/ or idea.
How insane and fucked up that the concept of an "IDEA" has become a tradeable commodity !
The gatekeeper of this Society and culture keep creativity and critical thinking at bay,, BUT, this makes creation Imperative.
Choosing between the destruction of Capitalism and the creations of the Imaginative mind is a no brainer. 
As far as my money goes"

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

"Mincemeat or Tenspeed"

From Providence USA.

Cant Put any Albums UP,
However If you should visit the Bandcamp page ,
It is Quite Likely that the Album Above, "Strange Gods"( 3 Bucks )
OR the First,"Manifest Wizard" also 3 Bucks,
Can be Downloaded Track by Track for Name your Price.
"Mincemeat or Tenspeed"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Crunch Maven"
There are a Tasty Handful of this Guys Tracks on Soundcloud.
Like a very LOUD Vacuum Cleaner.
Help's clear the Cobwebs away every now and again.
Tremble and Shake.

Monday, 19 January 2015

"L Homme Puma"

Pretty nifty artwork.Do listen to the track Jez Below.

Browsing various Blogs and Record stores, not a single one recognised the sample used
in the above track as coming from the 1970's TV series,
'The Persauders'
OuspenskyFallExo, getting the facts straight,

The above track incidentally is from the 2007 self titled,
"L'Homme Puma"
wheras the Horsey Artwork is from the 2009,
"On Remplace Les Yeux Casses"
[It replaces Broken Eyes]
Available along with an earlier split with Sugartown Cabaret,
the Selftitled, and
a December 2012 Release,


 with a much more synthy sound.
All at the Bandcamp. 4 FREE.
Just  by way of satisfying a possible itch you may have, -
if you are listening to the embedded track above,
try opening the 'Youtube' link below at the moment the Player hit's the 
1 minute mark exactly.
( during the keyboard part).
Here is the original 'Persauders Theme from youtube, (Starring Roger Moore and Tony Curtiss)
"L homme Puma"  a french band from PARIS, They use to be 4, then 3, now they are, Clement Chauveau - Bass / Keyboards / programming, and Loic Salmon - Drums / Keyboards, Playing Post Rock with Samples, Experimentation, and a little bit of screaming. Samples are used quite intelligently, with the exception of the charles manson clip. ((when will that prick stop being fashionable?)) Look up the Dedicated Homme Puma website, here, L' Homme Puma band.com/ and visit the Bandcamp page hear, "L Homme Puma"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Bandanascope"

"Puma Pumku"


What if  "Tame Impala" came from
Satiago De Compostella ?
They Might sound like this.
Name Your Price,
For 9 Psychedelic,
Pinky Floydy,
Oldy styly,
"Matapadre"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Is It In You ?"
and IF you go to their OWN
Bandcamp there is another 4 Track EP
"Puma Pumku"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Puma Pumku EP"
here's a