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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Babytown Frolics

Connecticut is the home of 'Babytown Frolics'
You know the way how sometimes a really Nice piece of Math rock will start out,
then just as you sit back to enjoy it, someone starts SCREAMING.
That doesnt happen here.
Despite the name of the band,
Jon and,
Kevin keep the music rockin and fun.
Read up how they would like you to think of them, on a farce folio/info page,
Farcebook_-_Babytown Frolicsct/Info
then head over to the Bandcamp, where
"Reminds you of drugs youve heard of" and 2 slightly different sounding Demo's,
as well as 2 bonus tracks are totally FREE.
The latest release "You are the Moon Master",
 will have you scratching your head deciding what price to Name, jez below,
Babytown Frolics_bandcamp_-_You are the Moon Master_
some superb noodling to be heard here.

Vonnegut Commonage

From 'Welwyn Garden City'
Mike and Tom,
citing as influences,
Rumah Sakit,Sleeping People,Polvo,Don Cabellero,Pele,Shellac,Oxes,
Dysrhythmia and Hella,
this duo dont seem to be active anymore.
but never mind head over to their Lastfm page ,
and track by lazy track download the 7 track Debut,
and enjoy some well played Math that heads towrds Post rock, but before
you can point your finger ,
jumps straight back to the Math sound.
You can ge tthe Bio on the,
Mice space_-_Vonnegut Common_

Friday, 19 April 2013

The Conquering Light of Flora and Fauna

((Ive blown this picture up, so it may be a bit hazy))
Tobias and Alf,
are from 'Hovedstaden' in Denmark.
Closer to Post rock than Math, nevertheless frequent changing of pace and tone
keep the music moving along nicely,
and when a riff is sounding as good as these guys play,
why not repeat it.
Their Album 'Hive' came out in April of 2009,
and is still available FREE to download. jez below,
cant find a website for the Conquering Light, except on the,
mice place_-_The Conquering Light of Flora and Fauna_
where they have 'Obstacles', 'Silian Rail' and 'Mutiny on the Bounty'
as friend's,
which I suppose is all they want us to know about them.
A twin recommended place to start would be, (from the album above)
Bandcamp_-_(track)_And Death shall bring Pandas and Puppies_

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


a Duo from Liverpool.
'Chris' and 'Rik'
Play a duodic type of math with that energetic feel
and synergy  that so many Duo's seem to have,
Joe K plan,
and many others.
I wont try to understand it
just enjoy it.
their 2009 EP can be had for FREE, jez below,
and although they have a facebook_-_Chrik, their own webpage is probably better,
Chrik music_-_Wordpress_

Samples in Math two

"Where do all these Samples come from??"
'I'll tell you where, the Future'
"So where is it huh"
Another selection of samples from TV radio and film expertly inserted into various tracks of a Math-rock nature and type.
(not by me, I hasten to add).

"Six Horse" featured in the 'Spoken Vocal Mix' there is an album and 7" link in tracklist.

Of special note are
from Germany, who are featured on an Last-Fm site where you can find an Album for track by track Free Download, their use of a Sample from "Repo-Man" is incredibly good.
Also Adolina--and --Bewilder--may be Brand New to your Ears.
and last Spaceonaut, with atrack that seems to have dissapeared from the net since I found it.
But despair not, add it to the free EP on the Spaceonaut link!!
Open neW fiLe----

1. Adolina --- Tumult---

2. Saltillo --- A Simple test-

3. Colt --- retro fuck up-- {A rare example of a LASTFM FREE Album Download}

4. Bearbaiting--- The Overlook --FREEBIe plus NEW--Live--

5. Bewilder -- The most you ever lost on a coin toss --FREEBY--

6. Obstacles --- Constructing Situations--NEW EP Oscillate--FREEBY---

7. Planets -- -Simple Men--FREEBYS---

8. Six Horse -- A momentary suspension of belief--FREEBY--

9. Spaceonaut --A Smart man used to tell me about stars and stuff--FREEBY--
((the track featured here, I can no longer find anywhere))

and the bythegrcofgd, linx,
4 Shared,

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Johnny Zombie

Johnny Zombie are from Boyarka, in the "Ukraine", with,
Kuzia Danchenko: on guitar

Laslo Grischenko: playing bass , and
Kiria Svirid: bashing the drums,
they formed in 2010.
They fuse elements such as Art, Post, Prog, Psychedelic, Chaotic, Ambient, (rock)
sometimes all in the same song .
That great picture above is from their 2011 release,
'Travoiadernoe oruzhie' which doesnt appear to translate--until,
' Трава Ядерное оружие'  which means, "Grass Nuclear Weapons"

Later in 2011 they then releaesd
"The Bottom of the Infinite Reflections"

You can pick up both at the 'Johnny Zombie' bandcamp
also the link to the Farce,

Jean Jean

Sebastien, Jean and Edouard, are Jean Jean,
 from 'Sept Sort's' just east of Paris (Meaux way)
And they play Math, My way too.
Steady paced and interesting rather than frantic.
and their self titled album, with another soon to come is on bandcamp.
They've played alongside 'Fang Island' among others,
Get it here for Neam your Price,
and go along to the FarceBook to check out the incredible number of gig's
these guys play.
In fact if you live in europe there's a good chance you'll be able to catch them.
They even have a US tour planned for 2014.
Find out what it feels like to think you have a future, jez below.
Facrebook_-_Jean Jean_music

Monday, 15 April 2013


Only just found this and it is a keeper, I can tell from the first few seconds.
'Montreal' rockers
Names, have a 3 track EP called 'Promises' and you can grab it
for Name your Price,
jez below,
Names music_-_bandcamp_
you can find out a bit more about, how they are trying to Fund a full length Album
with the proceeds from the EP, jez below,
So it looks like it might be a good idea to actually Name a Price, and help along the Next Release.
Farce Book Below,

LOBSTER, "Fast Seafood"

Ricardo and Guilherme from 'Lisbon' Portugal,
Play in the style of Ouspenskyfallexo_-_The Joe K Plan_
A duo who dont let anything hold them back.
Rockin Math all the way,
Offered to you by the Merzbau label for FREE,
jez below,
Fantastic Sound, some of the best Math Around.
No farcebook for these Guys,
so the Mice Place seems to be the one stop shop

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Shy Trafficker

"Hard Fought Found Thought" is the second release from Seattle trio,
'The Shy Trafficker'
here's their Mice place BlurB--
"The shy trafficker is an equation to crack; it possesses an elaborate infrastructure of instrumental indie rock ideals, a jazz-sensibility, and heroic interludes to build thematic “songs within a song.” The band utilizes raw materials of rhythm and complexity from only three players. It will sometimes leave the listener delighted... and a little confused. The shy trafficker consists of John Campos on bass guitar, Mark Coburn on guitar and Kenny Day on drums."
Great Math, and available for FREE at the Archive Org, --(Lost Children series).
Get It Here-- http://archive.org/details/LostChildren038
no Facebook for these guys and their own website appears to be down,
so it's The Mice space_-_The Shy Trafficker_