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Saturday, 4 May 2013


((I blogged this a while ago, and the download price was 1 EURO only; 
nevertheless it is now being offered for FREE ,so I thought i'd reblog))
MUSICSOVA are a trio from 'Rennes' in France.
Coco, Vince, and Wa-one, have kindly placed two tracks for free of their
'Crust' release as well as the excellent,
" Bangkok, Bangkok," EP.
(pictured above)
Not strictly Mathy, but far better than any indy sound, kind of post hardcore maybe.
 They have a sound that instantly reminded me of the under appreciated Danish band,
Slightly croaky but sincere lyric style.
 Start with this track,

The Jezebel Spirit

From Beaverton 'Oregon',
Chris, and
and they called themselves,
"The Jezebel Spirit",
which appears to be the name for one of those demonic phenomena so popular in
So any body with a half scrambled brain thinking they will find something to
encourage hysterical daydreams and the sharing thereOf, may be dissapointed.
If it's class A experimental MathRock you was looking for
the only lamenting is due to the fact that, "The Jezebel Spirit" have now broken up.
With two members going on to form Ouspenskyfallexo_-_"Bearcubbin"
Still there are 5 releases on the handy 'Name your Price' scheme open to an OFFER
from you right now on bandcamp, jez below
The Jezebel Spirit_-_Bandcamp_-_Turtles all the way down_
the picture at the top is from the 2009,
"Remember  Obey, you'll live longer that way"
and the link above takes you to the 2007,
"Turtles all the way down"
A lot of thought appears to have been put into the music and the song title's.

Thursday, 2 May 2013


Pjaro from Sheffield England.
One of the band is probably called Robbie, another begins with "P"
and there also seem to be a couple of other initials floating in and out. Still,
They have a 3 track EP on bandcamp, and have just added two more songs,
aptly titled
"Two more song's ? safe"
This duo (sometimes trio) create some good Math,
very listenable.
They had a good
EP back in january called "Why is no one here"
available (only so far)  as a 3 quid cassette, from tye Die tapes,
for the 3 Free tracks plus a live 1 and the two new one's,
the regular bandcamp page is jez below,
Pjaro scps_bandcamp_-_Two more songs ? safe._
and of course the farcebook,
faRcebook.com_Pjaro scps_
E n  JOY.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Charts and Maps

You may already be familiar with the 2011 Album "Dead Horse"
by 'California' Math band
"Charts and Maps",
it is obtainable for the very reasonable price of nothing.
FREE on the bandcamp, dont forget to pick up the excellent single also on offer,
'Pearl divers of the Arabian Peninsula'
"Charts and Maps"_-_bandcamp_
incidentally the Pearl Divers track and one from 'Dead Horse' were part of
a 4 track EP placed on the Archive.org, back in 2008.
So, to pick up 2 more track's,--(definately not two too many!!))
'The Sheriff suspects arson' and
'Herd of Elephants',
It would be a good idea to get them, also for free, jez below,
Charts and Maps have been blogged before here as part of the
Straight Math Mix 3,
  Ouspenskyfallexo_-_"Straight Math Mix 3"
no farcebook for "Charts and Maps", but they do have a
Mice Place_-_Charts and Maps_
en         joy.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013


A 4 track EP called
"And other Relation's" is your's for FREE by visiting the bandcamp site, of
'Brighton' UK Math rockers,
Listen to the EP and you will have an idea of how they will sound next week,
when they play on the same bill as  the
'Mayor's of Miyazaki'
Cousin the band_bandcamp_-_And-other-relations-ep_
there are two more tracks to listen to as well as the EP.
and find out where to see them live, on the Farce.
farcebook_Information theft and re-sale_-_Cousin

Monday, 29 April 2013

Everyone to the Anderson

From 'Brighton' UK, come,
Sven, and
and they are
"Everyone to the Anderson"
Big Font, so you know this is going to be good.
Math Rock, that hasn't forgotten it's Post hardcore roots,
Nor does it disdain to segue into Post Rock now and again.
Vocals are sung in a straightforward and honest fashion.
The whopping 11 track album is called,
"The Man Born from Inside of a Horse"
get it for Name your Price, jez below,
Everyone to the Anderson music_bandcamp_"The man born from inside of a Horse"
and by all means visit their farcebook, although they said last July that they have split,
no reason given though, so maybe they'll give it another try, Eh.


Sailors were formed in 2007, and split up to go to various universities in 2011.
From 'Bristol' in the UK, 'Sailors' play a punchy and lively kind of Math, with clear vocal's.
A pleasent change from many Math vocal styles, that are  supposed to sound sincere,
 but too often come out forced/false.
Mike, and
Paddy, say on their farcebook, that although they have split ,
you still have the two EP's they released on the Bandcamp.-jez below,
Sailors UK_bandcamp_-_Album_White Candy EP_
theres also a last track that was placed onto the Soundcloud, called, 'Flock as a Feather'
a band practice, a bit rough but a good listen anyway. Free Download it,
and if 'Sailors' see a continued interest in their music, who knows, maybe after UNI
they'll think about making some more.
the Obligatory, coz its a Farce,
Farcebook_-_Sailors UK

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Shapes Like Dinosaurs

Sam, and
Tyler, are,
'Shapes like dinosaurs'
And they hail from, Birmingham 'Alabama' 
With a sound a bit like rooftops,
 lot's of noodling and good Mathy grooving,
They  released a CD of Rarities, in April last year,
that can also be had for FREE,
If your not already familiar with
'Shapes Like dinosaurs'
get ready for some top rate Math, with occasional Samples used to add Ideas
to the mix.
Rarities is "7" tracks, and a fine addition to their previous two EP's,
"Jurassic geometry", and
 "Cretaceous Calculas"
 All three can be had for Free Download at the
Shapes like dinosaurs_-_bandcamp_album_Rarities
and after a years abscence from their Farce book,
a new song is apparently in the works, News of it recently posted-(last month)
on Farce book_-_Shapes like Dinosaurs
there's no reason on Earth not to Enjoy this,
go Get,