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Friday, 4 October 2013


Duo From 'Parma' Italy,
Alessandro, and,
You may have to Download the tracks Individually, but it is definitely worth it.
Alternative Garage Noise, instrumental.
perhaps not as much emphasis on strange Tempo's as a Fully
fledged math Duo.
But never a dull moment.
get it here,
 - anyway, the farce,

Make sure to visit the
for the Linda Martini post.
Portugese, Noise, alternative, Fado,
sounds a bit Hmmm, but it's very experimentally good.
and of Course the Deptford chess Federation,
for a Classic, Bob Tilton post,

Thursday, 3 October 2013

"Unwave" and "Kill Kill"

"Folds back on itself" demo Ep
Name Your Price.

Post everything,
Adam, and
Phil, from,
Leeds, England, plc,
must include the busy,

Post, tagging things you can listen to instead.
Duo from algeciras Spain, citing caddywhompus among others,
Listen and enjoy.
2 Ep's for download, here, from 2012,
Thebloodydirtysanchez_-_Bandcamp_"Movimiento por la extincin humana voluntaria"
and here, from  3 months ago,
thebloodydirtysanchez_-_Bandcamp_"La maquina de sentimientos"
"The Movement for the Voluntary extinction of Humanity"
dont know if there's any connection with Bill Gates or not,
"The Feelings Machine" implying emotion's I think.
their farce,

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

"Underground Communication Centre"

"Antikythera Mechanism"

From Pachuca in Mexico.

The picture at top is an Illustration of the 'Antikythera Mechanism'
An artifact recovered from a shipwreck, dating from about 100 BC.
It was an early Astrological Calendar // Computer.
And 'Underground Communication Centre' named their 2007
album after it. There's a long but interesting Read about it on Wiki,
Wikipedia.org_-_"Antikythera Mechanism"
the 6 tracks can be yours for 'Name Your Price'
A curious blend of Math Post Rock and Metalesque elements.
Their newer album, "Aporia" which came out in June 2012,
 will set you back 4 bucks for 10 tracks of a similar style.
Streamable on the Bandcamp, here,
"Underground Communication Centre"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Antikythera Mechanism"
and the Farce, quite Busy over there in Mexico.
farcebook_-_"Underground Communication Centre"

Monday, 30 September 2013

"Mind" and "Papir" Zwei Krautz

Pot, - Guitar
Matt, - Guitar
Pow, - Bass, and
Serg. - Drums
Algeciras, spain.
In February 2013 Launched the Album,
"Stunde Null" or as "Zero Hour"
Name Your Price,
The bloody dirty sanchez_-_Bandcamp_-_"Stunde null"
and the Farce!!!!!!

This self titled LP was released in 2010. and its yours for FREE.
Snce then there are 2 more
'Stundum' in 2011 and
'Papir'III in 2013-
You can find these releases on the Pricey El Paraiso label
((There are a couple of FREE sampler tracks to Grab) here,
they have a pretty well updated farce book page.
Go Spy it out, here,


Norm, and
Berlin, - Germay.
If you've seen these guys blogged somewhere else it may have been the
Little League Records Bandcamp page you saw.
On the  "GosHawk" Page, there are two extra tracks to pick up.
An oddity called Mona Lisa and a Monster Krautrock track called,
"Die der mit dem post hawke session 2012." get them all FREE here,
and for the curious,


Sunday, 29 September 2013

"Common Deflection Problems"

Antonio Iannola,
Gianpiero Cacace, and
Mario Noviello.
It is a band without musical references. They prefer not to be entrapped in any particular musical style, even if it could be said that the irregular rhythm and melodies let us understand that they are familiar with mathematics.
Originally from Naples Italy,
Lived in England for four years, then moved to Barcelona,
Picture above from April 2011 CDP EP,
Back in March 2012 they released,
"We all play Synth" which you can have by Nameing Your Price,
"Common Deflection Problems"_-_Bandcamp_-_"We all play Synth"
there's a well Updated farce book.
where tonight's Gig with,
"Io Monade Stanca"_-_Bandcamp
is advertised , giving you an idea where their music fits in
Jon Ra wise,
farcebook_-_"Common Deflection Problems"

"Fu**ing in the Streets" was "Boogie Monster"


From New York city,
Ben Fussel is the man that connects these two groups.
With 'Tony Dallas' in Boogie Monster, who's Demo you can download for FREE
at 'Bens' friendly Soundcloud Page. here,
just scroll down till you see,
Then head on over to the New Band called,
"Fucking in the Streets" and their bandcamp,
 for the 4 track 'Name Your Price'
Download of Ben's latest creative DUO.
 August Release so it's Good and Fresh.
This time with Jeffery Batteria on Drums.
"Fucking in the Streets"_-_Bandcamp
Not forgetting the April 2011 album of Boogie Monster,
Zechimechi, here, (No freeby unfortunately)
the Farce book for F**ing in the Streets.
farcebook_-_"Fukking in the streets"
and you Know what to DO,
By the Way, If the Band Name
Boogie Monsters sounds familiar,
I confused them at first with
'Boogie Boarders' also from NY, Brooklyn that time,
blogged just over a month ago,
and their Release 'Yikes' here,
"Ouspenskyfallexo"_-_"Boogie Boarders"