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Saturday, 31 August 2013

"Sea Monkey See"

This tasteful bunch of guys are from
Los angeles, according to the bandcamp, they are,
 Richard Ray (Sea Monkey) - drums, vox
Ricky Rodriguez (Boy Genius) - guitar, vox, and,
Tyler Mccarthy (Alpaca Bull) - bass, vox
Really good  sounding math rock, with a whole bunch of tags thrown in
like a bunch of bananas.
5 tracks on the Name Your Price, (some people do). jez below,
"Sea Monkey See"_-_Bandcamp_
only on the Farce since April, but still Go See,
farcebook_-_"Sea Monkey See"
Just a little Advice,
Go to "newnoisearchives.blogspot.com"_-_Holow ran"
it's one of the blogs on the right hand side,
and "Hollow Ran" is very good indeed.

"Carved Up"

From Bucks County and West Chester, Pennsylvania, Appear!
"Carved Up"
In July 2010 they released 6 tracks of excellent Instrumental Post//Math Rock.
entitled "Lights Out"
As you can hear on the track above.
Then in December 2011 came the 'Brothers' release on which somebody called J Gross
entered the studio,
 and proceeded to 'SHOUT' over the top of the music.
But dont despair,
August just passed sees the release of a two tracker, called,
"Oksana my Mule"
and the Music is allowed to take centre stage, on the 2nd track at least.
 Its on the bandcamp for Name your Price,
along with the previous releases.
"Carved Up"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Lights Out"
If you interested in possible Gig times,
catch up with the latest about,
J Cooper,
N Norvilas, and
T J schilling,
on the Farce,
farcebook_-_"Carved up"_-_band

Friday, 30 August 2013


Aaron perez,
 Joseph raines,
 Scott martin, and,
 Jesse moore
From Austin Texas.
Released a NEW EP titled "Natures" in March just past.
Experimental, in a hard to define way.
Touching post rock and math in places.
They have a pretty unique sound.
July 2011 saw their Self titled 5 tracker,
5 more tracks followed, with February 2012's 'Or so it Goes'
"All Day Pass" in September 2012, had 12 tracks.
All these can be had for Name Your Price on the bandcamp.
plus of course the Bnads own Tumbler page,

Thursday, 29 August 2013

"Siesta" n "Alpha Male Tea Party"

From Valencia,
Puchi Petruchi, and
Tarántulas Pentium, are,
"Siesta" playing a style of Kraut that incorporates Synth,
post punk, electrónica, and a Wave sound.
This álbum will grab you from the Get Go.
"Terroruterino" which may be translated as terror in the Uterine.
is 10 very creative tracks long and absolutely FREE to download,
or 12 Euro's for the artwork laden,
Get or order here,
"Siesta" es la 'fiesta'_-_Bandcamp_
also for information on their playing at the
"Festival hoteler" in 'Vic' "Catalonia" in spain.
er that's,
"Real ale and Model Rail -- The Lonely Man's Guide to not Comitting Suicide"
"Alpha Male Tea Party"

The above 'Quirkily' title track, was "Alpha male tea Party's" debut single back in January of 2012.
A 10 track álbum followed which will only cost you 3 English Pounds, over at the
"Alpha Male tea Party"_-_Bandcamp_
Sincé then, er Just this WEEk in Fact,
appearing on the
Super star destroyer Bandcamp Label page, is the above pictured 5 track,
"Super star destroyer"_-_Bandcamp_"Real ale and model rail the lonely mans guide to not committing suicide"
at the popular 'Name Your Price' offer .
To find out what
Vladimir Gluten
Urethra Franklin, and
Jacques Shiraz, from,
Liverpool , England
have planned and//Or are getting up to in general,
Why Not become a 'Self employed' 'Spy' and visit  the Farce, here,
farcebook_-_"Alpha Male tea Party"

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

"Kytes" to "Fontaine"

anybody seen the Kytes about ?.

After a 2 track and a 4 track EP under the name of "Kytes"
Get them all for FREE jez below,

Luke O'Brien Andrew Crowder Niall Bradnick Rob Hobbs. From lichfield, England, became just Luke and Andy, and have called themselves, farcebook_-_'We are'_"Fontaine" the video above is their New Work, and talk on the Farce 6 months ago was about an
'Imminent' release.
Let's keep the fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

3 to catch up with.

From Murfreesboro  Tennessee,
"Bob Baxter" brings us 5 tracks of Instrumental Math Rock,
well worth the checking out on bandcamp.
Totally Free,
"Delicious Death"_-_Bandcamp_

"Longings" from Amherst in Massachusetts.

Female Vocal fronted Post punk post/hardcore ? why not.
Name your Price on the


Max Khorobrykh - guitar
Sergey Sergeev - bass
Yegor Markov - drums
Max Ilinkovski - captain manager
Instrumental Prog Rock Noise.
The good Prog, which Genre wise Improves //Deteriorates at different Pace in different Place.
Here is GOOD.
"Nonsense My Good Man" is Name your Price, on the ,
"Koala Kamaji"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Nonsense my good man"
also to SPY on the

and you "MUST",