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Saturday, 28 September 2013

"Man Your Horse"

Scott Petrie, and
Julian Marrs, from
Dont understand how people missed this.
After the release of the Shorts EP in June of 2011.
In April just Past 
The Vancouver DUO, unleashed 
"Marrel of Bonkeys"
Plenty of Updates on the Farce,
and a Tour Blog with fun stuff, here,
and the Bandcamp link, 'Name Your Price' and the Shorts EP FREE,
engine of oy.

"Fire Bush" and "Hilkka"

"A Forbidden Love"

This is the Demo of the Band that 'WAS' "Fire Bush"
This Boston Group appear to have dissapeared completely.
I've done some searching by name around likely spots, and Nada.
Scott Michael - Guitars, Vocals,
Mark Arruda - Guitar, Vocals, Bass,
Kevin Fernandes, Bass, vocals, Drums,
Josh Nierodzinski - Drums, and
Mike Brunetto - Organizer of Files and Mixer.
Have they Gone on to do something as good, or maybe even better.
Nobody Knows !
Grab the EP "A Forbidden Love" for FREE, 
and Thanx to the Boston Lads.
"Fire Bush"_-_Bandcamp_-_"A Forbidden Love"

Rochester 'New York'
Nuuj Von Rock, Guitar,
Alex Schmidtt, Bass, and
Joe Tunis, Drums.
A little like slint, for fans of Unwound,
You can Download the whole album
"In cooperation With Gravity"
From the last.fm site, here,
Lastfm_-_"Hilkka"_-_"In cooperation with Gravity"
enjoy and if you want some more, it may be a good idea
to visit the iHate the 90's blog, jez below,
There's a rough Bio of the group on
so all thats left to do is,

Thursday, 26 September 2013

"Hands up who wants to Die" + 'Guapo'

No, it's not Kill Yourself again.
The track iv'e chosen here doesnt include the Gruffer vocals found on some other track's.
But I like the 'Monument to Masses' vibe im getting from this one.

"Dublin" Ireland.
4 guy's playing a kind of Post Hardcore,
The, "Hands up Who wants to Die" album,
"Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo"
is up for  Name your Price, here,
"Hands up who wants to Die"_-_bandcamp_
where you'll find a Remix Version of the album, also Name Your Price.
Zuckerman made a sucker out of US, on the Farce,
farcebook_-_"Hands Up Who Wants To Die"
Sound's as good as 'Guapo' in my opinion.
for  example,

'Eat a Car' by
Featured a number of times on the Blog.
Notably in the 'Atmosphere of Menace and Espionage' Mix.here,
Ouspenskyfallexo_-_"An Atmosphere of Menace and Espionage"
 to save trouble searching for those Guapo links,
Five 7" downloads and an album, Towers open fire. jez below,
hey hey HI,

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

"Ghost of Alaska"

From Sheffield England.
"Ghost of Alaska"
Dan, and
Psychedelic, Rock, pop, Instrumental.
There are 6 tracks on the Soundcloud page, but unfortunately spread across 3 formats.
Gasp !!
 What to Do ?
Will Despair Help ?
No need for that,
Ouspensky has kindly bundled them for you into an
Mp3 package,
Mirrorcreator_-_"Ghost_of_Alaska"_SoundCloud Tracks_zip_links
the Soundcloud,
Soundcloud.com/#_"Ghost of Alaska"
the Farce, Busy with Gigs,
farcebook_-_"Ghost Of Alaska"
and, jsu one more thing,
Ever heard of
"Solar Coaster" ?
Their  Guitar // Vocalist,
Kevin Hurley, sent an old DEMO file to a blog, along with
another Demo from Kevin's latest Band
"Surface World" click below, 
Be sure to check 'Winpeninsulas' Comment's !!
For the Solar Coaster Self Titled album Link.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

"Kill Yourself" 'again'


Do you remember not so long ago, I blogged about the Band,
"Kill Yourself"
Who lost the vocals and went on to become,
"That fucking Tank" ?
here's a reminder,
Ouspenskyfallexo.blogspot_-_"Kill Yourself"
Anyway, some kind soul has put together a collection of
Lost songs recorded in 2002 at the Prism studio in stoke on Trent , England.
Vocals sound a bit like, perhaps 'Shot Maker' (See Shiny Grey Blog on the Right for a recent 'Shotmaker' post)
and  The "Kill Yourself" Album is called
"Prism Songs"
 after the Studio where it was recorded almost a Decade ago.
is it's available for a price to be negotiated for, between you and your concience.
commonly referred to as,  'Name Your Price' Over on the ,
 Obscene baby auction_-_Bandcamp_-_"Prism Songs"
you Must,
you Must,
you must,
you must,



Experimental, Instrumental, Varying Time,
(not an ill noise)
The 1st EP.
the Farce,
The band contains members of  the group,
Shy Guy Says, who have a FREE download of their album,
"Sucraphrenia" at their site. (I had to look for the download click, by refreshing the page and clicking before the google chrome add pops up). here,
"Shy guy says".com/#downloads

Sunday, 22 September 2013

"Ciudad Papel"


"LIMA"- "Peru"
erick, and
Instrumental Mathy Post Rock.
Very Pleasent Listen.
Hit up the Bandcamp for FREE download,
and or the Farce,
farcebook_-_"Ciudad Papel"