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Saturday, 11 May 2013

A Calculated Noise

A selection in this Mix from the Noise end of the Math Spectrum.

Starting with 'Api Uiz' from Bordeuax France,
you may have heard of them under the name's
"Hapi Wiz"
or maybe
"Happy Wizz", either way there are three albums of their's available for FREE at the excellent
Les Potagers Natures Org website.
Don Vito from Germany continue the noise.
Then "Schnaak" who have a NEW release planned for June on discorporate records,
who's bandcamp link is offering a FREE

Moreland Audio may be a name familiar, because they were an earlier incarnation of
Ouspenskyfallexo_"The Purkinje shift".
Theres a link to Moreland Audio's album "Turbogold" on the,
 and 8 high quality  Live recording's
at Ben Davis blog,
 http://bendavismusic.blogspot.com.es/  (links down the Right side)
Only an LastFm link for Italian punk DUO, "La 1919", but their album
"L'enorme tragedia"--is floating around somewhere.

Two links for "Pterodactyl", the 1st to their bandcamp and the 2nd to the official
rather Snazzy site where 2 mp3 tracks are floating around."Nerds" and "Searchers"
 'Phut' from St Louis have a Self titled album they are offering for FREE. (link in name)
Finally from 'Zagreb' with an entire discography for FREE come
"Peach Pit"

1. Api Uiz--Au Grand Air 1ere paerte--
Les potagers natures_Api Uiz_"Estetique de le Fin""Estetique de le Fin"

Les potagers natures_Api Uiz_"Musique brute. non travaillee, mais structure"

2. Don Vito --Don Vito-  Electric Mayhem--

3. Schnaak--Shan the rough African---

4. Moreland Audio --Moreland Audio--Fellin Turbogold-

5. La 1919 ----The Drumming Talk---

6. Pterodactyl ----Astros--2 free track's--

7. Phut. - --Hot Carl--

8. "Peach Pit". --Peach Pit--Vertigo--

Mirror Creator_-_"A_Calculated_Noise".zip_links_

4shared_-_"A_calculated_noise"_zip link_

Thursday, 9 May 2013

"Jerkagram" and "Planeswalker"

Jerkagram and PlanesWalker

Firstly, I'm reblogging these two bands because in February, "
Jerkagram" --(Derek and Brent Gaines, brothers from Connecticut N.Y.)
  recorded some tracks live.
3 new ones and 'Animal Magnetism' a track from the Name your price,LP
"We've Only Come to Leave",
with a sound thats' Psych/Ambient fusion with some Math flourishes,
go listen on the bandcamp,
or visit their own website for video's and news of gigs.

Planeswalker are a duo from Los Angeles,
Adrian and Evan, play Straight ahead Math of the highest quality.
You can pick up their aptly entitled
 "I Hope You Don't Pay for This Demo" at the link jez below
Planeswalker_-_Bandcamp_-_I Hope you dont pay for this demo_

Once there you'll also find a Live version of almost the same EP called Beards on Tap.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Magots Noise

Adrian, Nicolas, Rodrigo, and Hector, are from  'Moreno' Buenos Aires."Argentina".
They play a kind of Post/Rock with plenty of the experimental sound thrown in.
Vocals remind me of the Italian band Ouspenskyfallexo_-_Brain in Vain_
English with an accent but worth listening to,
 and maybe a little bit more powerful sounding because it's a second language.
November 2010 saw the release of the simply titled 8 track 'Magots'
then in September 2012, the 5 track 'Seven side' pictured above.
get them both for FREE jez below,
Magots noise_-_bandcamp_track_7side_
band pictures and news of the band plus more to be found on the
Ffarcebook_-_Magots Noise_

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Or so it Goes

First rate Noodling Math,
From Chicago,
Vince, and
Matt, made an extremely fine Demo in 2007,
which you can link to at the bottom.
Nothing then, until February 2012,
when 2 tracks were added to a Bandcamp page,
As well as a  Reverbnation_-_Or so it goes_ page.
The most recent news of "Or so it goes" seems to be September of 2012,
when they played a gig in Chicago.
Or so it Goes_-_bandcamp_
not forgetting the Mice Place where you can stream the tracks in the file,
Mice-Place_-_"Or So It Goes"
and the file jez below,

also on 4Shared.
En JOy,
incidentally,"Or so it goes" also featured in the
 Ouspenskyfallexo_-_Straight-math-mix-5.html .