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Saturday, 8 June 2013


From 'Mexico',
From 'Torcaza' Records,
Start here, with the track, 'Cosmo Concordia'
Torcazarecords_-_Bandcamp_"Anagrama"_Cosmo Concordia_
From the split with 'Diecinueve' released in December 2012,
then go on to the 2 track '1983' pictured above.
Also not forgetting the 4 track 'Azur Azur' also Dec 2012.
A nice laid back Instrumental post rock,
And all the releases offered FREE.
You can find out about them at the Torcaza Records facebook,
farcebook_-_Torcaza Discos_
or they have a Mice Place that dates from before they were signed I beleive,

Friday, 7 June 2013


-- from the Lost Children collection, on the Archive.org,--
Ex members of the band,
"From the Sky"
Four guys from London.
--(copy pasted from the Archive.org)--
'Schematics' is the debut EP from five piece Helsingfors, including all four ex-From The Sky members, and is an instrumental post-math-rock hybrid, a logical progression from their previous work. Upping the complexity and melodic layering mixed with upbeat, jarring indie-rock.
Bits of post  rock, and lots of Math rock style,
5 tracks you'll be glad to have Pop Up on the Play Random File function,
whenever that might happen.
Their mice place,

"Each Others Mothers"

"Brooklyn", 'Math', 'Noodle', 'Instrumental',
3 girls from New York,
Angie, and
Only a 3 song Demo so far,
In fact this was released back in 2008,
But it's worth having anyway, if for no other reason than to let
the girls know that anymore music would be strongly appreciated.
"Each Others Mothers"_-_Bandcamp_-_'3 Song Demo'
FREE and just about the only link I can find, sept for a
mice place.

Enten Og Eller

"Primal Forms"
Czeck ---Check--
Minimal Info---Check--
16 shortish tracks of post hardcore noise rock,
Open new lifolder--Check--
not much else except for the bandzone,
like an east european last/fm/

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Memento Vivere

Vince Hill - Guitar, Vox
Shayan S. - Drums
Jared Zuro - Bass
"Memento Vivere"
From Los Angeles,
Citing as influences//Soundalikes,
'Tera Melos', 'Hella' and Giraffes Giraffes,
"Memento Vivere" as far as I can tell,
translates in Italian to,
'Living memento'
Released in November 2012, this 6 track self titled EP,
has a good mix of tunes.
From the garagey sound of track 2,
to the use of a sample from 'Fear and loathing in Las Vegas,
on track 6.
Math lovers should check out track 5, 'Zoo Drive'
The whole thing incidentally is FREE, but dont let that put you off.
"Memento Vivere"_-_Bandcamp_-_track_-_'Zoo Drive'_
not allowed to forget
aboUt the,
farcebook_-_Memento Vivere official

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


'Volition' is the latest single, by London Duo,
Seb and
Some good straight instrumental Math.
The first two, entitled, 'Subconcious Paradigm'
Have a more progressive feel than the following pair,
'Fluctuating Entropy'
which pick up the Pace quite a bit.
All 5 tracks can be had for free on the Bandcamp,
Best thing to do is get them all.
"Control uk"_-_Bandcamp_Volition_
Somebody on the Farce-Book said that they like the track 'Volition'
all they need to do Now is complete the band and add Lyrics.
I guess not everybody understands instrumental.
farcebook_-_"Control" uk
theres a pretty freeky 8 bit bonus track on Control's Soundcloud,
Which is also worth the TimE to download FREE.
"Soundcloud"_-_"Control uk"_-_Bonus-track

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bread Pitt

From Bari in Italy (Another!!!)
"Bread Pitt"
On the excellent Leper label,
Their latest release, April just past,
is titled
"Tapes and Files"
With two releases already under their belt,
they play a mix of styles, post punk being quite prominent,
They are also capable of making pretty good psychedelic/kraut
groovers, as you can hear if you start with,
Bread Pitt_-_Bandcamp_"Stereo Steroids"
Look out for the other two albums, all FREE to download,
"Non fate allarme"and,
"The Self Titled"

Monday, 3 June 2013

Bandcamp _"Italian"_ Bonanza.

"Brain in Vain"
and their 2012 album,
'Spiritual but Profane'
From Bologna,
"Brain in Vain" are ,
Stefano and
Pick up both 'Spiritual but Profane' and
the just as good, if not better 2010,
"Inner Crowd"at the Bandcamp,FREEE
 Why not start here with
Brain in Vain_-_Bandcamp_track_"Optimism"
Post Hardcore--Brilliant vocals.
"Becero" from 'Turin'
Fabio, and
Noisy and Rocking post/Math pick it up free at
cant forget the,.
Farcebook_-_BecerO BamBamBam.

"Culture Wars"
from Monofiore,
with an EP and Album
You can click to a media*fire
Link for the Poptimism album
Direct from the bandcamp page
The EP is a straight forward
Culture Wars_-_Bandcamp_-_2010 EP_
and the
"Microwave with Marge"
I found some post punk noisey ImprovRock,
just recently, 3 track Free download,

You will not like this or,
May Bee you will.
 Microwave with Marge_-_Bandcamp_
their latest release,
"Cow lick Cow"
I cant yet find a free link for,
So I may have to repost.

"Taras Bul'ba"
Noise // Math rock from
Head over to the bandcamp
link for the latest Taras Bul'ba album
then, if you like what you hear,
the 'Jamendo' site has a further
4 albums, on offer for nothing,
Jamendo.com_-_Taras Bul'ba_-_Secrets Chimiques_

Sunday, 2 June 2013

"Johnny Mox" and "Bokassa"

"We = Trouble"
is the title of the Album offered to you for FREE,
by the gentlemen known as
 "Johnny Mox"
from 'Trento'
(Near Austro Swiss border)
Start with
Johnnymox_-_Bandcamp_"All we ever wanted was Everything"
With thought-about lyrics.
"Now that we have the Means, we dont have the Soul,
Now that we have the means, we dont have the goals"
Take the time to visit the Well put Together Website too,
alll you need to know at,
Johnnymox.com/official Website.
is the title of the album by italian band
from bari down in the south.
The picture is oddly apt,
in as much as there is an african sound to some of the percussion.
Horn's and an overall jazzy feel.
But a distinctive Math edge in evidence too.
Download their first album for free jezz below,
and also get their just released 2nd album

by the Enigmatically named,
"Maybe im Bokassa"
 free by visiting
 Lepers Productions,
and clicking the picture you see
on the left here,