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Saturday, 16 November 2013

"Pedro Don Key"

From Manchester,
John and
3 tracks released back in February, Yours for FREE,
3 tracks titled "DasBoot" 3 units. ( Funky Gasp )
"Pedro Don Key"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Pedro Don Key 1"
the Farce, lots of Gigging, played with 'Alpha Male Tea Party' a few weeks ago,
farcebook_-_"Pedro Don Key"_-_band


Friday, 15 November 2013

"Pou Tre"

"Voglio di piu"
( "I want more" )
"Pou Tre" ( 'Power Be' in french, because this trio is from Arles in France )
or "Pou Tre" could mean , 'For Very' in Italian, because the latest Album is titled in Italian.

2006 saw the formation of this trio,
 'Francois Serment' - Bass,
'Willy Massolo' - Drums, and
'Stephane Guillouzouic' - Guitar.
The Excellent "Boom Boom Rikordz" has the latest 10 track
album available to Buy in Green Vinyl or download FREE. jez here,
for the Biography ( in french) go here, where you will also find link's to the Previous 2 releases
"Escalade" - 11 tracks first LP, and a split single.
http://www.boomboomrikordz.fr_-_"Pou Tre"

"Jouir de" or maybe,

jouir de

"Astro Children" "GO Neko"

New Zealand.

Spaceship - Shoeglaze.

"Astro Children"
Millie, and 
You can get the album 'Proteus' name your price here,
"Astro Children music"_-_Bandcamp.com/
also theres a 20 minute 'Live to Air' recording to be had.
An earlier release, "Lick my Spaceship" will cost you 7 Units.
the farce,
farcebook_-_"Astro Children"
Remember "Go Neko" ?
"Death to Ghost Machine"

'Diesel Batterys and Nuclear Scrap'
2 New tracks from
Argentinian Kraut Rockers
 'Go Neko'
Go here and Buy Now -- name your price.
enjoy,"Go Neko_-_Bandcamp_-_"Muerte a la Maquina Fantasma"
the Download comes with a Cool 9 jpg Page Comic.
also Check out  previous albums, if you didnt already
See previous POST,
Ouspenskyfallexo_-_"Go Neko"


Wednesday, 13 November 2013



You may remember back in August I blogged Alligator and Lisa Duroux's previous band
Ouspenskyfallexo_-_"Reveille" and "Lisa Durox" - 'Alligator'

at that time there was a 5 track EP titled 'Alligator'
it is still there but if perhaps you would like an additional 5 tracks,
head over to the "Moncul.org" for the NEW full album,

Alligator are,
Lisa Duroux, from 'Reveille' ,(Plays Drums)
( see linked Post, ) and,
Elizabeth Hargrett. 

The first 5 tracks on the NEW album can be found on the Bandcamp Page,
"We are Alligator"_-_Bandcamp_
Lisa has a website with links, Info, and ARtwork.


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

"Zefs chasing Cara"

"Ultra Gown"
Brand New.

Stream it here,  there's also a friendly link to a FREE, Download.
or why not spend a Buck.
go get.
Plus a Personal Website ,

"Grumpf Quartet"

"Grumpf Quartet" blogged last April, have moved up a gear.
2 New tracks, have been added to the 2 that were on the Soundcloud.

They have been packed up into an EP "Qur tal Muerta",
( Such Dead),
which can be yours for Name your Price.
The original 7 track album is still on Jamendo,
SEE rest of old post below.

The self titled release by                   'Grumpf Quartet',
 is for those hardy enough to encounter some
vibrant Noise/Math Rock
From Pardelle France
Gabi, and
lay down some unpredictable tunes, proving to the listener that they at least
are 'Tuned' to the moment.
The website label Jamendo is making it possible for you to get this 7 track album,
Absolutely FREE.
Where it says Albums -It's the Down Arrow you want to click on.
http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/351980/ "grumpf-quartet"
This is actually not that harsh, but rocks pretty straight and steady.
No bit's where you find yourself waiting for a bad run to finish.
Good stuff and there's a bit more to listen to on their
2 tracks from the latest release.-Not neccessary--SEE TOP.
jOuir de

Monday, 11 November 2013

"Yaine Ya" Dbl Dwnld.

Above is the cover from the NEW      "CD 2"
  "Yaine Ya" album 

"CD 1"

 "Albumine Album"
2 CD download's-- the Links for which have come from their VK.Com site.
(( Thee Russian Social [not antisocial] Networking site))
"Yaine Ya"_-_"Albumine Album CD 1"
"Yaine Ya"_-_"Albumine Album CD 2 " 
If these links should run out,
there are alternate ZIP links above the Original Download link.
 You may remember I blogged "Yaine Ya" from 'Kazan' back in April.
and the Release of
 "Good Bad Lee Lee, but the World will no longer be what it used to "

 A whole bunch of stuff on their russian VK.com site. ((Thee Russian Networking Site))

Plenty Video's and Friend Bands music to check out.
For the ZIP links, 
 scroll down the right hand side to the bit titled Documents-[Just below the 20 Video's shown]
and you can Download the two NEW CD's for Free.
as well as the  83 MB "Good bad lee lee" album.
Excellent Quality Math Rock.
They also have now their own website that has Links to the Video's and stuff. here,
Math Rock??---from the site's blurb,
"""YaineYa""" - both the product and the performance of actions.
 The law of contradiction with the aid of 6 strings, drums and sometimes four votes.
Sensual material covered by the "I" , and built on the degree of clear consciousness.
 Incidentally, to help maybe Place these guy's
They played alongside Yawn Hic,

Blogged Before Ouspenskyfallexo.blogspot_-_yawn+hic

Sunday, 10 November 2013

"Say Domino" and "I Smell Blood Split.

ReBlog of  Ontario band,
"I Smell Blood"

Above is the cover of a Split Release with "Say Domino"
Back in   March 2013

I Smell Blood released,

"Your Epidermis is (Sh​)​owing"
(Pictured below),
They can both be yours for a name your Price,

This Bass and Drum duo from London (Ontario) Near Detroit, call themselves'
  "I Smell Blood"
Some excellent post hardcore style Instrumental Math.
Their Album entitled
 "Your Epidermis is (sh)owing" can be picked up by applying
your computational skills, and Deciding what you can afford.
and while listening why not give the
faRcebook_-_'I Smell Blood'_
a look,
 and see if there's a chance to go see them play.
"Say Domino"
also from Ontario,
Psychedelic, garage, alternative,
a pretty groovy sound, and a nice complement to the Instrumental madness of "I Smell Blood"

5 more tracks can be Downloaded from the
"Say Domino" bandcamp page,
in addition to the 2 on the split, after the break,


"Deep in Thought"

New Release.
"Deep in Thought"

"Lucas" from "Chemnitz" in Germany.
I blogged this guy back in March,
what I said is still pretty relevant. (imo).
take a listen,

(( Monday, 25 March 2013 ))

From Chemnitz in Germany comes 'Deep in Thought',
often coming close to the ambient/post rock line, this solo artist
"Lucas Keller" does create a couple of very catchy numbers on the album,
'Dreamscapes' that is being offered to you at a price to be determined by 'YOU',
and it can be had here,
Deep in Thought_-_Bandcamp_"Verses"