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Saturday, 21 March 2015

"Horse Hands" are BACK.

From "Boston" Massachusetts.
There was an Album put out for FREE with LOST GEMS LIke this one,

It would be really Nice for the Folks if that First Album was made available.
It was Listening to the Above track that I suddenly realised that
the 'Clip-Clopping' sound of Guitar and Percussian combined is where
the Band take their name from.
Anyway There is a NEW ALBUM, which is Name Your Price,
and called Pissing Rain.
The Earlier and Very Excellent 
will cost you 4 Bucks, ( sorry ).
Also there are a couple of Tracks from a Split Up for GRABS.
Here's a Farce,

Friday, 20 March 2015

"Architect Sketch" and "Challenger Deep"

"Architect Sketch"
Started with
"Communication In Which Cases for Which no Other Form is Applicable" 2008,
Followed in 2011, by
"The Great Dillema"
Rounding off with a Single,
They are all FREE,
"Architect Sketch"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Communication in Cases for which no Other Form is Applicable"

----"Greg Gerandi, and
Andy Kondrat, -, from San Diego/Chicago,
  make up"Architect Sketch"
Before that they played alongside
'Rob Trout' who handled vocals and Guitar in a band called,
"the Challenger Deep"

The Challenger Deep have a slightly post/hardcore sound, and is very vocal driven,
while 'Architect Sketch' has a bass drive that many Math bands could envy.
All tracks, 7 by 'The Challenger Deep' and 10 by 'Architect Sketch' are being offered for FREE.
"The Challenger Deep"_-_Bandcamp_-_"The Challenger Deep"
More news of Andy and Greg on the farcebook.
Farcebook.com_-_Architect Sketch_

"Deborah Kant"

From Lyon in france come
"Deborah Kant"
and they are,
Josselin - Drums,
Alexis - Guitar/vocals,
Simon - Guitar, and
Guillame - Bass,
Playing alternative/ psychedelic/ noise/ post Hardcore/
you can get the AUGUST 2012 release
"Terminal Rail/Route" for FREE,
by visiting the 'Deborah Kant' bandcamp page,
start here for a good taster,
Also on offer is their 2008 Self titled album for 'Name your Price'
as well as a 26 minute track entitled '10 years of decay'
(which is actually sounding pretty good).
Find out when and where they play by consulting the FBI approved,

Sunday, 15 March 2015

"LLamame La Muerte"

ReBlog with an Updated BANDCAMP PAGE.
witha slightly Krauty Feel to the track Above,
A member of this group plays in the Post Below.
here's de Rinky DINK,
"Llamamelamuerte"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Ballad of the Concrete Horse"

"Llamame La Muerte"
A Duo from france playing a slightly psychedelic tinged experimental Rock.
There's a Self titled EP and the NEW one ABOVE,
 Go to the  web page Below and there are 2 tracks that turn up on Compilation's.
get them ALL for FREE here,


GUNS and Daisy

From Gottingen,Germany.
Male and Female Vocal TWO Piece and
Very Good they are TOO.
"Guns N Gaensebluemchen"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Wonder Wheel EP"

Webpage here,
( By the way they are connected to LLamame La Muerte.)

"Presque Maudit"

Marilyn Rambo, see Earlier,post below,
The two guitarists and a Drummer from the Band, Grand Predator,
It's FREE,
So Do what you DO,
"Presque Maudit"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Presque Maudit"