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Friday, 19 July 2013

3 in a Row.


From 'Denton' texas come Tribeless, a duo, Landon and Matt, playing Math with touches of whatever sounds good
Their G.H.EP can be obtained for FREE at


and if you visit them on the

you may eventually find a link to a bunch of Landon's stuff on a,



From 2003
Chicago band 'Mahjongg'
with something worth listening to. Start here with 'Aluminium'
"Free music archive.org/music/Mahjongg/Machinegong_EP/

Some Math Post/Hardcore from Denver.
The above track and Picture from the 2010 release 'Atered Beast'
it's FREE along with an earlier 2009 release,'Believe It'

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

TWO in a Row.

A trio from 'Besancon' France, now appear to have split, but you can still check out
their bandcamp site for 6 tracks to download FREE.
Spread among for releases spanning the years, 2004 up until 2012.
They have a french/english wordpress page, here,
 "Dupek"_Wordpress_English Version_
and you can pick up the Post/Math-feel, english spoke/croaked Vocals
All six tracks, here,
incidentally 'Dupek' were featured on the
Ouspenskyfallexo_-_"French Math Rock MIX
"Picore" are 5 guys from 'Zaragoza' with beards,

The above track is from the FREE to download, 2008
"Libranos del Mal". Also for free is the 2011
"Picore"_Bandcamp_-_"Imaginate que Acierto"

Sunday, 14 July 2013


From 'Monroe' Louisiana.
Alex, and
play Math rock.
"Metanoia" is the title of the 5 tracks you will find on the Bandcamp.
In a style referred to by the band as Math, Prog, Post Math,
Give it a listen and Name Your Price for the Download. here,
"Sargasso" music_-_Bandcamp_
keep up with the latest event's and News.
httspy////farcebook_-_"Sargasso" Music_