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Friday, 14 June 2013

Go Neko

From h"Argentina",
Su Hermano Pipe: Teclados--( Keyboards)
Mariano Neko: Bajo--( Bass)
Tom: Batería--( Drums)
Manu: Guitarra--
El Peta: Guitarra---
Sub-comandante Brown: ídolo y leyenda del pueblo--( Idol and Legend of the people)
Mike Ontry: líder mutante--( Mutant leader)
8th Man: la máquina fantasma--( Fantastic ghost Machine)
Start Here,
"Go Neko"_-_Bandcamp_track_"Go Kraut"
From the 2008 album "Una Especie de Mutante"
which is Free to download.
Using occasional sam'ples, include the voice of 'Maradona' speaking about playing football for
(his country)---(mike Ontry)--(they may be connected),
Some of the best Kraut around.
The most recent release is "Los Malos de Verdad"---( really Bad)-(in a good way)
Which came out, April 2011,---also offered absolutely FREE.
Unfortunately I didnt catch the news of the european tour which has just finished.
But at least im honest enough to own up to it.
farcebook_-_"Go Neko"

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Un Automne de Plus

ROM 1, and
 are a Duo from La Rochelle originally,
 but now based in Paris.
Citing 'Microfilm' as an influence.
"Un Automne de Plus"
have pinned down the use of samples to similarly good effect.
In the track below, a radio broadcast concerning the attack on pearl harbour is stitched into the
music stream in a powerful way.
Un Automne de Plus_-_Bandcamp_track_"Un jour trop long free."
There are two previous albums,
 "Des Jours sans lendemain"---(Days of no tomorrow),
"Ces Sombres reflets d'hiver"--(These dark winter reflections)
both offered on a name your price basis.
In addition to this there is the Solo album, just the guitar/sampler/vocals/piano---
 entitled "2010"- and pictured above.
Also Name Your price, from the same link.
For you farcebook fans, see Jez below,
fbi's-arse-book_-_Un Automne de Plus_UADP

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pippos Progress

Colin, and
"Pippos Progress"
from London in 'englandstan'
Playing Math with a prog edge,
sometimes sounding like jazz,
An interesting listen, that keeps hovering on the border
of Math by the rulebook and staying Fresh sounding.
The self titled EP can be had by naming a price,
If you have trouble doing so, you can ask an adult to help.
"Pippos Progress"_-_Bandcamp_
and for Gig information, and a couple of VIDEO's,
pay an FpBI monitored visit to the
farcebook_-_Pippos Progress_
I've reupped to Mirrorcreator, the following Files,
Mirrorcreator_-_"That Fucking Tank"_-_A_Document_of_the_First_Set.rar_links
Ouspenskyfallexo_-_1st Noise-math-mix.html
The Album Would Never Hope Happen, by 'Toronto' math band "Shut In",
 Ouspenskyfallexo_-_Post on the band "Shut In"_

Monday, 10 June 2013

Nice Birds

is the name of debut EP by Aukland band,
"Nice Birds".
Five tracks of Moody Bass, with screechy guitar topping,
and 'Spoken Vocals'
Any of the tracks here would be perfectly at home among the
carefully selected and Exclusive bands featured on the ,
Ouspenskyfallexo_blogspot_-_"Spoken Vocal mix"_
try the one below, which can be had for FREE, on the
MUZAI bandcamp label, along with a whole bunch of other bands
to Evaluate, if you feel like it.
"Muzai_Bandcamp_-_Nice Birds_-_'F Scott Fitzgerald book club'_
Im not entirely sure what these 3 guys are up to next,
Looking at pictures of 'Manatees' perhaps,
but take a look for yourself on the slow moving Farcebook,
farcebook_-_"Nice Birds"

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Nikki Louder

2 brothers and a friend, is how Nikki Louder describe themselves.
From "Slovenia",
The above pictured, 'Alain, Im sorry' 12"
starts with some post hardcore, and progresses towards straight hardcore,
but on the way there,
are some great sounding tracks. Try starting here,
"Nikki Louder"_-_Bandcamp_track_This town is a Wolf_
Alain im sorry is FREE to download, as are 3 other releases,
The most recent, April 2013
 'Golden Men', album,
the  "Silent Bird EP" and
 "Our world died yesterday" 12",
Check out the  farcebook for news, here,
farcebook_-_Nikki Louder_