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Saturday, 27 July 2013

"I am above on the Left"

"I Am Above On The Left"

Are from Moscow.
They Are---

Artem Galkin,
Artemiy Galkin,--(brothers i think)
Alexey Taruts,
Pavel Eremeev, and
Sergey Ledovskiy.
Their Bandcamp Site has Numerous FREE Downloads.
If like me some NOISE MATH sound's good,
and some you dont bother with, because it jars or whatever
No Problem.
Just take the tracks YOU LIKE.--jez below,
"I am above on the Left"_-_Bandcamp_album_'I am above on the Left'
Yes There are 4 albums of music to pick and Mix from.
Scoop away.
And while were on the subject of being above on the left, why dont I
give you a Link to some more writing's by Mr Guy Debord, and his FUN crew
of Situationist's??
"The Bureau of Public Secrets"_-__sitemap_
and remember FUN is the most dangerous weapon we weild.


Friday, 26 July 2013


"Mulhouse" is in France, close to the Swiss Border.
Two Drummers,
Two Guitarists, and a
Rock of a Mathy variety.
Demo pictured above and playing 'NOW' on the Click, 5 tracks FREE.
"Pauwels"_-_Bandcamp_'Pauwels Demo'
earlier 7 track álbum entitled "B Side " also FREE,
check out  Le Farce Livre,

"Vasudeva" " PLUS 'Viva Bazooka' and 'Layo Raser' LIVE!!

The First thing I'll say is after Downloading
"Vasudeva" --"Life in Cycles"
for a Price Named by YOU, check out their extensive TOUR GUIDE,
on the farcebook.
If you live in Either 'Canada' or the North of  'USA'

While at the Bandcamp Page, be sure not to miss the earlier 2011 EP
'Roots of the Tree'
4 guys from New Jersey playing with lots of twinkle,
 and a slightly laid back and steady Math/Post rock,
A very pleasent listen.
Some of you may remember a band called
"Ouspenskyfallexo.blogspot_-_"Viva Bazooka"
and perhaps another band called,
"Ouspenskyfallexo.blogspot_-_"Layo Raser"
 well on the blog called
"Colectivo colapso".blogspot.com.es/
where they cover mostly Spanish Music, with a frequent emphasis on Basque Band's,
they also have a connection to their Very Own Bandcamp Page of
"LIVE" Recording's.

And here's the page for these 2 (and some other) FREE Live recording's.

"Colectivo colapso"_-_Bandcamp_album_'Viva Bazooka'

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

"Herocop" and "Renaissance Sound"

"Tukwila Mockingbird"
By Herocop.
James, Spike and Josh from Seattle.
On the "God Sag's his pants" label with a lot of interesting stuff to browse for FREE, here.
gigs and stuff, here,

From DeKalb Illinois.
"Renaissance Sound"
Jacob, - Vibraphone.
Derek, - Violin.
Matt,  - Percussion. and,
Steve, - Bass.
A very laid back sound with classical instrumental melodies.
The above track is from the February 2012 Self titled  release, which you can have fro FREE
along with the March 2013 Self titled 2.
"Renaissance Sound"_-_Bandcamp_album_Renaissance Sound_
a bit quiet on  the farce
farcebook_-_"Renaissance Sound"

oh yeah dont forget to

"The Sharpest" and "Father Figure"

"Tophet Chasm"
is the name of the album you can pick up for
Name your Price.
Released back in MAY 2012, it's the third put out on the Bandcamp by,
Matt, and
From Amherst Massachusetts. Get it here,
"The Sharpest"_-_Bandcamp_album_'Tophet Chasm'
and read up on gig's and stuff, here,
farcebook.com_-_The Sharpest_
They played alongside Langosta recently, who you may have heard of.

"Congratulations on your Loss"

From New City New York.
Playing  Prog/ Math/ Experimental with a Jazz feel and Odd Meters.
"Father Figure" are
Gerard, and
Eric.  check the Free digital or 10 buck CD with beautiful artwork.
"Father Figure"_-_Bandcamp_
cant forget the Farce,
farcebook_-_Father Figure music_ looks like August in New York is the next show.

Monday, 22 July 2013

King Kai and the 'The Society of the Spectacle'

Some experimental Post punk,
A bit Lo Fi but better for it I think.
Steven and
Jacob from Santa Ana
Get it from the bandcamp jez below,
The Reason the posting has been a bit slow is because I have been reading a number of good books .
One of which is an interesting tome that describes our society, and alludes to some of the problems,
therein admirably.
Despite the fact that it was written back in 1967,
 Guy Debord_-_"The Society of the Spectacle"  By 'Guy Debord' PDF  link,
can be had in PDF form for FREE here,
http://www.bopsecrets.org/SI/debord/index.htm just Scroll Down for a
really eye opening book..
and Enjoy.