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Saturday, 4 January 2014

"Murky Ajar"


Czecho ---
it appears theat the name "Murky Ajar" might mean just that.
A murky or hazy, ajarness, as pertains to doors and opening's.
2 albums of sound, get it here,
Mamamrdamaso.org_-_"Murky Ajar"


Friday, 3 January 2014


From "Russia"

After this group popped up on my Mp-3 player I decided to check on them.
 A previous release in 2010 called "Do the Rubic Cube"
Difficult to find more than a few of the tracks from this release.
Nevertheless what I could Find, ar these 4 tracks.

is followed up  by the 2012,
"My Equation, Your Triangle, It's Infinite. Our Last meeting"
 The ifolder link on their VK.Com page is past it's sell by date, So,
and here is the Russian version of a farce book,

Thursday, 2 January 2014


"FUN"              EP

How about a slice of noisy skronking post/hardcore,??
Teemu, Vesa and Riku, are from Helsinki in Finland.
They call themselves FUN
Occasional Finnish (the language) vocal's but more often sung in English and sounding a bit like regulator Watt's or somebody like that.
Above is the cover of their 2002, 4 track, Self titled EP , that you can download by,
guessing at a number, and Nameing that Price!!!
But dont worry about getting more from these guy's because they have a load of stuff on their Bandcamp page, with 2 or 3 track's to Dwnld for free off of each LP.
noisecorewalze_-_The Band-"FUN"_-_bandcamp

They have the usual farcebook page which can be linked to from, their website,Jez BeLO,

Incidentally, you can also pick up all the mp3's being offered from the above link, perhaps a little easier than on the bandcamp page. N

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

"Awberah" n "Kodet" n LSD "Long Silent Day" n "Radio Tzara"

czech band broke up in 2010.

Grab the other 3 tracks here,
- - - - "Kodet"- - -
I honestly cant remember where I picked up these 4 track's.

Another czech band using post-punk and Samples.
There's also a beautiful solo piano piece.

Grab them here,
- - - -
"Long Silent Day" LSD
Guess where these guys are from ?
 Psychedelic Jamming's.

14 tracks across 2 Albums.
Get it here,
Mamamrdamaso.org_-_"Long Silent Day"_-_LSD_
- - - -

"Radio Tzara"
Named after 'Tristan Tzara' one of the founder's of the hyper-realist Dada movement.
A kind of Warhol imitation of life from the sharp end.
Very Mathy sounding at times
With 'Spoken Samples'

Grab All ten track's here,
Mamamrdamaso.org_-_"Radio Tzara"
( that's Enjoy in czech )
Not stripe.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

"Diorama" n "Desiderata"

From "Lima" peru.

Two 4 track EP's , the most recent released last February.
Last year, ( almost ).
Andres Maldonado -- Drums--
Aldo Mazzini - Guitarra ( acústica)
JOse Ruiz - Guitarra
R Brian Torres - Sintetizador
Lucero Silva - Bass--
get it here,
"Diorama"_-_Bandcamp_-_album-"_ _ _ _ _ _"
( that actually is the title, ! "_ _ _ _ _" )) lol.
the farce,
farcebook_-_"Diorama Banda"
- - - - -
From "Desiderata"
an 'Edmonton' band who are offering  the 2010 Alcohawk.
For FREE !!.

2 earlier releases, the 2007,
"We're not Convinced there has been any Improvement"
still very relevant today.
and the 2010 "Sorry" EP.
All FREE, here,
also the Farce,
facebook_-_Desiderata" nothing posted for a Year.