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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

"All of Them Witches"

3 More Tracks from
"All Them Witches"
Listen for YOself,
Kinda Storm and Streff, in places.
Name Your Price,
"All of Them Witches"_-_Bandcamp

Buffalo, New York.
"Phil" and
The EarLier ,"Pythagorean Demo" is , free at bandcamp,
only 2 tracks, but if you click the tracks of the first
release "Breathers"
 individually, you might get Tracks 2, 6 and 9  for free.
Believe ME!
Night time peanut butter!
Heeere's the FaceBookI,
FaceBook(I)_-_All of them Witches_
according to Whom,
"All of them witches"---(the band not the FBI)--(ahem)--
will be playing with
"Giraffes Giraffes" in the ninth ward, New York.
On July 11.

"Lines Taking Shape" UPDATE

Quite Proggy in Places,
Tabula Rasa, is the name of this album,
But for a while was a kind of Side Project of,
"Lines Taking Shape"

They have bundled the tracks together,
and they are Yours for a PRICE YOU Name.
"Lines Taking Shape"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Tabula Rasa"


Sunday, 1 February 2015

"Ultimate Painting"

3 different sessions Free to Download ,here,

A bit of Early Underground Velveteen ?
James Hoare guitar,
Jack Cooper, guitar,
Neil Robinson, drums,
Anthony Cozzi, bass,
Plus what Looks Like two Early psychedelic Tracks on Soundcloud,

Mike Curtin" NEW

From New Jersey,
this JUST came out
Super Tasty,
Super Duper RAW,
Super Name Your Price,
1 bit and 9 pieces,
 Very Well executed Math tracks,
"Mike Curtin"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Brian Vin Mike"
Doesnt appear to be any other link,