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Saturday, 19 October 2013

"Hawks" and "Least Carpet"

From "Atlanta"
Sean p Fitzgerald,
Michael P Keenan, Jr
D Shane Patrick, and
Andrew S Wiggins.
The Noisy Post Hardcore, 2009,
"Barnburner" is a must.
And it's FREE along with a handful of singles from the "RUB" album.
get it here,
and the Farce,

Psychedelic Folk from Germany ? ?.

Sounds like the Paintings of "Marc Chagall"
Why Not,
Solo project of
"Marko Martini"
from "Wurzburg"
Name Your Price, jezt below,
"Least Carpet"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Least Carpet"
there are another 3 releases all FREE,
Ambient that doesnt try to put you to sleep
but wakes you up !!.
farcebook_-_"Least Carpet"

Friday, 18 October 2013



Lots of Free stuff,
3 track the "Beefer" from Voices Green and Purple, Bandcamp.
All 3 track EP collection of Varied Music.
Voicesgreenandpurple_-_Bandcamp_-_"The Beefer"
More from
"RLLRBLL" can be found at the "Silber" web label Site,
4 EP's and everything else Very Very Cheap like 1 Buck or So !!
Searching the Archive Org, we discover "The Traviste of Paint" get here,
Archive.org_-_"Rollerball"_-_"TheTraviste Of Paint"
Not forgetting a Free track and the Latest Release,
"4 Corners" pictured Top,
streamble and to buy for 5 bucks on Bandcamp,
"RLLRBLL"_-_Bandcamp_-_"4 Corners"
It is very Varied and not all tracks consistently Rock
but like a lot of the Noise Bands I feature just Grab as much as you can and SAVE
the Bits You Like !!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Mr Carl Saff, from,
Bloomington, Indiana.
Formed "Neutrino" after the Band "Pencil" broke UP.
Get the Album Pictured above, The 1999
"Motion Picture Soundtrack"
From the Excellent FREE Music Website,
Literally Hundreds of Bands to check out.
But few I suspect as Good as the  Pure Slint Type Mathy Nutritional

Monday, 14 October 2013


Do you like 'RODAN' ?

"Encode" and 
"Singing through the Telescope" released in  2003.
another release came in 2011, title "Core", but the Female Speaking  Vocalist had Left or Gone Silent,
Still, a Great sounding ALBUM, is left to Music Lovers,
Matteo and Elena on Vocal's - Former members of a band called 'Nastjenka'
were joined by,
Andrea M. from 'Frozen Fracture' and
Marcello and Andrea C. from 'Enter K' Read all about IT,
 "Nastjenka" or sometimes "Nasten ' ka"
 are with Under My Bed records, link here, (MP3's dont work and Tapes Sold OUT)
((If you have any Luck tracking down anything by 'Nastjenka' I would be very grateful))
for Example, (listen Only and I apologise)

Here's the Link  - Name Your Price -
ghostrecords_Bandcamp_-_"Encode"_-_"Singing through the Telescope"