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Thursday, 28 March 2013


Caboto were a 5 sometimes 6 piece band, 3 of who's members went on to form 'Morsecode'.
first though they released 3 albums, all of which you can find on a bandcamp link for FREE.
Not even asking you to name a price.
The first album 'Nauta' (pictured above) is described by the band as
experimental/Jazz/post rock/alternative/art rock
there is some sax played with a measure of restraint, ie not bleeding over the rest of the instruments, the way some jazz can.
 Overall across the 3 albums the sound does tend to get a little jazzier, but not so much to turn off math lovers.
Get all 3 Albums for FREE here at Caboto_-_bandcamp.com/album/nauta-2001
Folowing on from the 2006 release of Caboto's 'Hidden or just gone' three of Caboto went on and formed

Brain in Vain


Spiritual But Profane
 the latest album by,
Brain in vain, who formed up in 2008 from,
 "Stefano Passini" [caboto, morse code] See Above Post.
 "Branco" [Supertele, CollettivoDantzig].
This duo from Bologna in Italy, have a unique style of vocals'
 that's a little like spoken word but just a bit louder.
It may be that English not being their first language, is what gives the lyrics 
a little Extra.Listen for yourself below,
Try this track-"Blind-as-a-mole" from their bandcamp.
And you'll be happy to discover the whole album, (released in May)
is offered to you ABSOLUTELY FREE,
Along with a 2010 released album, "Inner Crowd" also Free.

"Do you like to Gamble Eddy??"
BONUS Download
Home of the wildcats.
(an incarnation of the purkinje shift)
((more coming soon))

Monday, 25 March 2013


Ambellyn are described as a post/punk group from Czechoslovakia.
Just how post rocky, or perhap's how relevant they may be to a Math rock blog you can decide for yourself by downloading and listening to two of their album's for FREE.
"Gaston Ombre"
((click--cela deska na staazeni ZD ))
and for the Full album
 "If you believe in Love" just click the picture you see above when visiting the 'Lot's of excellent music to discover--"Mamamrdamaso Website"---Jez below--
You may remember this band from the Czech's and Pole's Mix, --link Jez Below--
OuspenskyFallExo_-_Czech's and Poles and Croats_
Remember Grupy, translate's as Group's,
So if you visit the site, be sure to check out 'Le Christ Hypercubistic' and you can watch a video, and
download another album for FREE.
Mamamrdamaso.org_-_Le Christ Hypercubistic_
Boss and Secretary as well as 'Planety' are worth czecking out too.
There are more group's to check out by clicking 'Archiv'
often the mp3's have to be individually downloaded, track by lazy track

"Rosolina Mar"

"Before and after Dinner" is now available on Bandcamp not on the Name your Price scale!!
bandcamp_-_"Rosolina Mar"_-_"Before-and-after-Dinner"
while there dont miss the Split Rosolina//Trumans Water, also Free.
bandcamp_-_"Rosolina Mar//Trumans Water"

Jetlink and Control

Thats the Artwork for the latest two track release- Foxes//Leeroy from "Jet Link"
a band based in Malmo Sweden.
2 earlier releases,
Totalljud---(Total Audio)
Rymdljud---(Space sound)
can also be found on their bandcamp page all for the Name your price
Interpol style vocals, with secondary emo type vocal's in the background,
often closer to Post Rock than Math, but it really doesnt seem to be a problem for this band.
Jet Link Bandcamp_-_The Captains disappointment.
and of course for the Lurkers and Stalkers,

Control, are from Madison wisconsin and play a kind of music described as post everything.
but in fact sound's just like math rock.
Their first release which was a T-shirt that contained the download code for Four songs,
was released 2 years ago, and can be seen in the pic.
You can now get those first 4 songs, called 'Garza D' for Free on the bandcamp page, here,
two more releases will set you back only 4 bucks, and there's another set for release any day now.
keep up to date on the
Control farcebook_-_wearecontrol_

An atmosphere of Menace and Espionage

Pretty self explanatory title for a mix.
The Ned Hoper bandcamp site has that glitch where you can get the individual
tracks for name your price, so jump on it before/in case they change it.

There's a bonus dwnld of Polish band's 'Stworywodne's' 'Black Mud' album, also to be found on the siren sound.
Stworywodne on the  Czech's and Poles Mix.
The "Guapo" track "Eat a Car" was possibly the prime motivator for putting this mix together, they
were featured previously on Emo-type-vocals-math-mix.
Visit the Perte et Fracas site for a whole load of free stuff by Guapo and Six Horse.
Six Horse weve seen before on the Spoken Vocal and Sample's Mix's.
1st time out for 'italian band 'Kash' (worth buying from their Link), and Russian Ned Hoper.
Sedia was on the Forward-use-of-percussion-mix.

1. Kash ---Neige de mer---

2. Stworywodne --Superspy Vs superspy--


3. U.I. .---The Headache--

4. Maybeshewill --Japanese spy script--

5. Guapo ---Eat a car---Freeby

6. Six Horse --Vampire Hunter---Freeby--

7. Ned hoper ---HOAX---Freeby

8. Sedia ---Carnissus--



Straight Math mix 7

            "Its MATHICATION TIME !!!"
A lot of oldies from the 90's some of you will recognise,
and a few Freebie's you may not have seen before.
Opium Taylor (1996-2000) have a whole Album for offer from a site called "The Band Broke Up",
Au are a more recent find (2012)
as are Nonagon, and Porch find themselves somewhere in thre middle, formed in 1994, but with their latest release in 2011.
Car Vs Driver can be found blogged about enthusiastically on the Beyond Failure Blogspot, home to so many good link's.
If your lucky there may be something NEW to you, or maybe something you'd forgotten about.
Be sure to hit up the Perte et Fracas archive for the NOVICE BROWN 7" on offer for Free.
Here's the Tracklist with link's in the Band Name's.

1. Opium Taylor --spooked--FREEBY--

2. AU music_-_bandcamp_ --Epic----

3. Novice Brown --newborn------FREE 7"---

4. Drill for Absentee --naked singularity---FREEBY-

5. Nonagon ---Fadeout------1st album FREEBY---

6. CAR Vs Driver --livid step----FREEBY-

7. Traluma --Poco loco---

8. Smart went Crazy --amazon---

9. Atombombpocketknife --slower gotten---(Epitonic freebys)-
and bandcamp BUY.


10. Porch --get lost----

Mirrorcreator Link--

and here is the 4shared Link


  "Transistor theory and Circuits made Simple" by staynless.
Did you like slint?
Did you get this album already from the link I provided
(( perteetfracas.org_-_Staynless_transistor_theory_and_circuits_made_simple.htm ))
on the
Then you will probably like the singles by 'Staynless' to be found on a Bandcamp page
featuring not just the staynless single's, but Material by 'Nick Jordans' other project's.
The Duration,
The Color Cast,
Victory Mansion,
and, "Nick's" current Band 'Severe Severe' who's Farce Book you can lurk,

Here, link_to Lurk_farce book_Severesevere_info
for the older 'Mathier', 'Slintier' sounding Staynless material,
here's a good place to start,

"Hot Dirt"

'Hot Dirt' from Holyoke--Massachusetts, are 3 guys and a girl on guitar, playing what sound's
like an improvised Jam.
Quite laid back but never slowing to a standstill.
For a name your price offer, there is simply no reason not to download their EP
"HotDirt"_-_Bandcamp_-_Flaying Mantis EP--name yr Price-

'Hot Dirt'_-_on_-_facebook

American Geography

3 guys from Vancouver British Columbia,
Chad Sean and Evan, have a Math sound that includes one of the tastiest Bass rumble's I've heard for a while.
According to the miceplace, after forming in October 2005, the band split up the following summer,
which is a shame, as im sure you'll agree after hearing the TOUR-CDEP--offered on the bandcamp,
Absolutely Free_-_American Geography_-_.Bandcamp_

Becero and The Millford Higgins

Becero are a DUO from 'Torino' in Italy and play an Experimental kind of Math Rock, with the Stoner tag added to their bandcamp also.
And why not, the music is unpredictable with plenty of changes in speed and pace, just the kind of thing
you like, and from the Pic it looks like a serious appreciation of beards is to be found at ,
self titled 5 track album.
If you want to go see them check the Farce Book here,

"The Milford Higgins" are a quartet from Fresno California.
They describe their style as Math PostHardcore and Screamo, but I find them a lot easier to listen to than many screamo bands'.
A strong emphasis on the music is enough to set this band apart from the many other's.
Give them a try and pick up their rather Rough but interesting demo tracks as well,
Here_-_The Milford Higgins_-_Bandcamp_-_'Destroyer'_
and dont forget they have an active Farce Book page,
here_-_Facebook_-_'The Milford Higgins'

Hoopers Store.

"Hoopers Store"--from "Perth" "Australia",
you may remember me mentioning a few post's ago,
 and that's because these guys went on to become
 "Race to your Face". (scroll down a bit).
If you click over to their Soundcloud site, there are two 6 track set's Up for Free download!
"The Dreamer times Relation"-and-
"When was the Plasticine Era" (artwork above).
A little less Noodly than Race to your Face, but still a good instrumental listen.
Soundcloud_-_Hoopers Store-
Hoopers store by the way was the store on 'Sesame Street' ,don't know if over in australia they may have some other derivation

Saleontomorrow and Screaming Ground Comp's.

Above is the cover of the Screaming Ground music Promotion's of Norwich-/-Norfolk in England.
sound's a bit obscure until you see some of the bands featured on their Free Compilation's.
Pennines who were "Saleontomorrow" and then became "This Town Needs Guns", or
"Hold your Horse is", then again perhaps, "Suffer like G did" ?
You notice the way I slipped a mention of Henry Tremain's band "Saleontomorrow" in there ?
And that's because I have a copy of the "SaleOnTomorrow" ep available just below-
"SaleOnTomorrow" 5 track EP.
It was while searching around for something from Henry's next band "Pennine's" that I came across the Screaming Ground Compilation's.
The first you'll have to download from their,
Myspace_- Screaming Ground--Dwnload Link at bottom of Tracklist
and the other two can be had for FREEE at the Bandcamp page, where you can peruse the tracklist in comfort.
Screaming Ground_-_bandcamp_-_screaming-ground-comp-2
Did I mention "Cats and cats and Cats", or "We vs Death" ?
along with "Olympian's" on the 3rd comp,
Screaming Ground_-_bandcamp_-_screaming-ground-comp-3

Long Jams

For these Long Spring Night's, how about a selection of Long Jams??
Be sure to check out "The Warlock's" great site where there's a few free MP3's.
Radio Free Issac are 3 guys from Zagreb in Croatia who I will blog about soon
(They went through a number of name changes)
Honey For Petzi are like Sheakspeare, Buy Their entire Work's, and work through from start to end;
and you will come out the other side a Better person.
(sounds pretentious but it's true,)
Paul Newman were around from 1997 to 2000, very sedate Math, sounding like 'Dianogah',or 'Pele'
Paul Newman at discogs
both members now playing in different bands,
Paul newman with "Rhythmn of Black lines"
and ,
Edward Robert with "I love you but I've chosen darkness"
One of the guy's from Barrel went on to play with the 'Purkinje Shift' I've just read in the blog link.
Tracklist as follows,

1. Tarwater---Inside the Ships---

2. Eternal Tapestry --Alone against tomorrow--

3. Barrel--Manifester--Freebies-(visit the blog link and find a Barrel right-Up and discography,
on the Right hand side)
Beyondfailure_-_blogspot_-_High Quality Blog.-Link.

4. The Warlocks_-_DOT_-_com_--Motorcycles---Cool site with freebies.

5. Paul Newman--please wait during the silence--

6. Honey for Petzi --Robot after all---(Go to bandcamp and BUY)

7. Ex Cocaine --Klondike--

8. Radio Free Isaac Boy+Girl+Stars--

and the (bythegraceofgod) Mirrorcreator links (ziddu seems to work best;still getting use to this site).
ive reupped the Mirror links and now they work Just Peachy

Magic Legs and My Day at the Races.

Magic Legs were a band from New Orleans, disbanded now, but thank's to a thing called,
"The Louisiana Music Archive Org" you can download their album "Bird World" for free,
HERE at Louisiana music archive org_-_Magic Legs_

Brycen, Case and Max play Instrumental Math, and have featured in a few other band's.
Brycen and Case play together in .."Honey Pillow"... Brycen plays also in "Imagine I Am" and Max plays in .."Wildfires"
checkout their mysplace
_Miceplace_-_Magic Legs_

This band came together in 2007 for a year, broke up and then came back together again in 2012.
"My day at the Races", four guys from Clarksville Tennessee, playing straightforward catchy Math.
3 track's can be downloaded at their Bandcamp for name your price,
_My day at the Races_-_Bandcamp_
or check their farcebook for upcoming gig's ,
Farcebook_-_My day at the Races


"Lamalora" are a trio from the Italian province of 'Cueno'
Damiano, Alberto, and Flavio, have shared the stage with 'Valerian Swing' who some of you may have heard of.
In 2008 they came together and in 2010, recorded a Self Titled album that you can pick up
for 'FREE' at the Mag Music_-_Site_-_Lamalora_-_Self Title.
just look for the word download and 'QUI'

Piano in MATH

Piano Math Mix

These are the days my friend's; These are the Days.
Schroeder's right you know, there really ought to be more piano in Math.
But never mind for now,
below is a selection of Math and Mathy music.
Listen to this video of filip glass and see if it's of a high quality sound.
Glassworks Part 1.
and then peruse the Tracklist,
and Revel in the small discrete pleasure you get from the,
'Comfortable' 'safety' of recognising something familiar perhaps,

((er the grooveshark link for Isaac was the best I could find, I'd welcome a better link))
----"Lasso"- have a New 'JANUARY 2013' Ep available at the bandcamp link,--(grab it B4 the free downloads run out)--

1. James Ferraro ---Linden Dollars---(I think this may be schroeder playing in fact)

2. Philip Glass ---Metamorphosis 1---

3. Melodium ---Sarah---

4. Isaac --Thinking feeling being--

5. Farcebook_-_3 trapped tigers.---4--- 3 trapped tigers_-_Bandcamp

6. Pinback.com ---Walters--

7. Lasso-bandcamp ---Creep St--

8. Post Madonna_-_bandcamp ---The Great manichaean--3 albums Free_-_"Gosh"-


also avilable from this fine Filesharer,


"Dispositivo per il Lancio Obliquo di una Sferetta" or Dispo, which translated mean's,

"Device for the Release Angular one bead"
Are four guy's from 'ROME' in Italy, read their bio on the
 Dispo FarceBook_-_Here_-_BE_-_Link._-_So_-_Click. 
I include an Extract here, coz of the band mention's---
"Dispo's sound dwells in that space between new progressive (a la "Usaisamonster", "Ahleuchatistas" and the italian band "Io Monade Stanca"),
90's post rock (see "Tortoise" and "Polvo"),
 and modern math rock (see "Battles"), all accompanied
by an attraction towards crooked pop melodies, odd time signatures, sharp guitars and ultra-catchy synths".
 What you may not find unless you scroll all the way down to last April, is the Link

for their first Album,,"Rembrandt Era Eccezionale (Con Tutte Quelle Luci)", (May 2009),
 and their second, "Thees Ees Eet", (December 2010). available on a free mediafyre link,
Dispo's "Rembrandt Era Eccezionale, and Bonus, "Thees Ees Eet" 2nd Album.
Go get Em.
"Io Monade Stanca" you may remember were featured on the, Italian Math Mix, and you can Reaquaint yourself with that, here,
or you can listen to the Impossible Story of BuBu, "Io Monade Stanca's" album on
Io Monade Stanca_-_Bandcamp_-_Page.

Anchor 3

I honestly didn't think anyone was making music like this anymore.
If you enjoyed the  OuspenskyFallExo_-_Spoken Vocal mix.
or perhaps the musical rendering's to be found on,
OuspenskyFallExo_-_Van-pelt style Island.
then you will almost certainly appreciate the Post-Hard-Core sound of
"Anchor 3", link below,
Anchor Three_-_bandcamp_-_trck:_-_Lincoln America.
Sounding like they might come from Chicago,
 but in fact coming out of Washington DC is "Anchor 3",
 Built on a weak spot blog, reckon they sound a bit like 'Unwound'
 myself I'd say more like 'Pitchblende',
but either way, a rare treat to find this 90's style of music bought bang up to date.
Not much else to be found out about these guys, so for now you'll have to make do with,
The whole Album entitled "WHIR" which is  available on a Name your Price basis.

Indie Math Mix

"Indie" before this term began to represent this pathetic, global ragbag everyone knows,"
Quote from the Farce Book of Zabrisky---(see tracklist for link)
Like the picture says.
A selection of song's with an Indie type feel.
Tracklist like this,

1. No knife--Academy Flight Song--9 tracks up for Grabs, (see Downlñoad bottom left)

2. Okay--Tragedy---(Marty Anderson from 'Dilute' and 'Howard Hello')-

3. Pterodactyl---Old Clouds-- 2 mp3's -'Searchers' and 'Nerds' on the Snazzy Jazzy Pterodactyl.info/, PLUS,
 Pterodactyl recorded a 30-min-long EP
called Arnolds Park for Deleted Art in
Malmo, Sweden. This release is vinyl-only,
but free downloads are available here:


4. Pill Wonder--Gone to the Market--

5. Zabrisky--Summer starts today--

6. The Mint Chicks--Screens
The Mint Chicks_-_nice Graphic-click 4 Bandcamp link.

7. Morning Teleportation--Whole Hearted drifting sense of Inertia--
Farse book_-_Morning Teleportation

8. (please) Dont blame Mexico--Panorama--2 freebies-individualise tracks-

and the btgog Mirrorcreator Link,-(if one link does'nt work DO try another)
also available from this fine filesharer,


The bands name, "Espardillos"--(translated) = (shoes)
and "Ronflette Organique"--which mean's 'Organic Hum',
 is the title of Espardillo's 2010 release which I'm posting, not only because
it's Free on their bandcamp, but because it is very good.
_Espardillos_-_bandcamp_-_album_-_Ronflette Organique_
Another Duo, this time from Paris, France, but according to the Perte et Fracas_-_Zine
playing since 2007, all over France.
What is it about the synergy of Duo's that produces so many good music's.
Keep up to date on where 'Espardillos' are playing by lurking their
Farcebook_-_Espardillos page.
What do they sound like?
Pretty good straight Math with an often surprising new take on the music,
 referencing someone else's piece and taking it a step further.
I heard passages that reminded me of many other bands, but with  an added twist
that was deliberate, but at the same time respectful, not just copying.
Their latest release 'Coup de Pompes' is only 5 unit's for ten song's, after getting the one above,
free, not bad value at all.


Zener describe themselve's as a Noise Post Rock band.
Jordi, Jose, Juli, and Nick hail from Valencia in Spain, and you can find them,
 along with a few other bands, at the 'Buen Pony' bandcamp label.

HERE_-_Discos Buen Pony_-_bandcamp_-_Zener_Vol_1
you'll be happy to hear that everything by Zener is Free to Download.
Featured previously in the OuspenskyFallExo_-_Noise Math Mix. with Updated links to,
Chinese Cookie Monster's latest, "Worm Love".
The reason I've decided to give them a post of their own is because they are more
than just a noise rock band.
  Something for everyone is a good way to describe Zener.
Open a File for them and save what you like.

Kythibong Sampler

                      "Kythibong Sampler"
Recently at the end of a post on the band 'Marvin',  I mentioned a free compilation
of cover's by band's on the Kythibong label, of other band's on that label.
 Just take a look at this tracklist, and see how many band's you recognise.

1Room 204The Sleeper--(originally by)-(Belone Quartet)
2FordamageNo I'm Not (Pneu)                                                  
3MarvinIntelligent Horses (Papier Tigre)
4Le Ton MitéInterrupteur Du Sol (Choochooshoeshoot)
5PapayeEroto Manuel (Sieur Et Dame)
6Gratuit123KG (Chausse Trappe)
7Mansfield.TyaAntsome People (Argument)
8Papier TigreWatermelon Frappé (Papaye)
9Chausse Trappe/
Bar Diving (Room 204)
1031 KnotsTo Clean My Thoughts (The Healthy Boy And The Badass Motherfuckers)
11Piano ChatYou're The Woman (Mansfield.TYA)
12Electric ElectricJus De Dune (Le Ton Mité)
13Belone QuartetAburne (Fordamage)
14PneuCopainscabana (Marvin)
15ChoochooshoeshootMon Sang (Gratuit)
16Healthy Boy, TheThe Left Side (Electric Electric)
17Sieur & Dame                           Ours Molaire (Piano Chat)                                                   




Neptune are a trio from Boston playing a kind of noise/math using a variety of instruments, but always achieving an integrated sound.
((from their website concerning the latest release))
""Propulsive percussion and sonorous electronics tangle with Jason Sanford's microtonal string creations with a refined minimalism, adding a new chapter to the band's ever-evolving story.""
Having played alongside 'Oneida', 'Black Dice,' and 'Lightning Bolt' among other's, the best way of describing Neptune's music is a sense of  'Immediacy', with sporadic spoken vocals in a 31 knot's style.
You can check out their 2006 release 'Pattern's' ((telechargeur is french for Free Download)),
at the excellent Les Potagers Natures site,
HERE_-_Les Potagers Natures.org/spip.php?article45
and if you like what you here, try their Bandcamp page,
They also have a pretty nifty website, with a whole bunch of stuff,
 including a whole page of Video's, and you can peruse those,
HERE_-_Neptune band.com/videos.html

"Tomorrow St Peter"

            "Tomorrow St Peter" are 5 guys from Stockholm in Sweden,
a couple of instrumental tracks which are good and a vocal style on the other tracks that is quite softly emotional.
Again a change from the usual shouty stuff.
There's a Mediafire_-_Link posted on their Farce Book page
of 5 tracks which can also be found on Soundcloud.
Farce book_-_TomorrowStPeter

"Painting by Numbers"

2 bands from France,
First up is "Painting by Numbers"
A Paris band who have a very experimental approach, not strictly math, but very
improvised sounding and quite futuristic in the way people sometimes imagine music may sound in the future.
You can download their 9 track album for less than what it's worth (name your price) from the
Painting by Numbers_-_bandcamp

Table and Ploskaja Pyramidka

Back in 1995 there was a group who came to define one aspect of Math-Rock to the extent that
people now use the name 'Table' as a bench mark to define other bands.
 Warren Fischer, later to become half of electro synth Duo Fischer Spooner, was the bassist and sometime singer who did so much to create the 'table' sound.
Here's a mice place fan page that has all the information you could Possibly desire--Table
and here>----> is the only LP released, produced by the Albini person.
 'TABLE' self titled Album-
As well as the album there were a couple of tracks that were never studio recorded, and you can
get a perfectly proffesionally recorded live version of those,
here, WNUR radio live recording of 'TABLE' in chicago.
((Absolutely essential early Math Rock, table manage to recreate the feel of total improvisation,
which is of course impossible in practice, but as table knew, if you dont try your sure to fail))
                                        Ploskaja Piramidka 
From Russia come Ploskaja Piramidka.
 The thing about these three demo tracks and the other free track is the way every time the file comes up on my player I feel like I'm listening to an entire album.
A very filling and satisfying Listen.
In fact if the recession has left you with an empty  dinner table, just consume this Ploskaja demo and 1 extra track, and you'll find that all your nutritional Math Rock needs have been filled, amply.
Ploskaja Piramidka_-_bandcamp_-_Early-demos-rarities
Incidentally, Table have been featured before on the 
and Ploskaja Piramidka were a part of the 

Stock Options

This is the cover of 'Stock Option's' self titled album, released onto bandcamp july 2011.
 Roughly one year later they had an EP entitled 'Ancient Bloom'.
Get both Title's for Name your Price over at the Stock Options_-_bandcamp.
Unfortunately, as you can read on their Website_-_wearestockoptions.com/ they decided to amicably
go their seperate way's, however you can still check the website Bio to see what else Mark, Kevin and Martin have gotten up to over the year's.
There's a nice video of 'Hand me your Neck' worth watching too.
A heavier than average sound, nevertheless a catchy set of tunes, you'll be pleased that you added to your collection.

Challenger and Culture Wars.

Thats the picture you'll see on the bandcamp page of 'Challenger', a trio from Boston,
Dan McCarthy, Scott Buoncristiano, and Paul Patrick Joyce,
have at some time in the past played with bands, such as,
HELMS_-_featured in the Spoken-vocal-math-mix
and,---Lynx----Lynx Album posted by Lynx (Hutch) on the Math n Noise blog,
((pretty excited when I saw that))
Cant seem to find any other link's for these guy's other than the Bandcamp,
which has the excellent value,
 Name your price,
Challenger_-_Greatest hits_-_bandcamp

are a post-punk duo from 'Montoro Inferiore',
 a village not too far from Naples in Italy.
A bit less of the Milan type aggressive punk sound and leaning more towards an indie punk style.
Check out their album from a Mediafire_-_Link which you can find on their
Bandcamp page below.
 Culture Wars_-_Bandcamp_-_'Poptimism' 


This is in fact the picture found alongside Yall's previous release,
Theyll say were only dreaming_-_bandcamp
pay what you will.-Check GUM and UM right now.
This Texas Duo (four members are listed on the facebook page)
 play in a way that reminds me of lightning bolt, but not harsh in places,
as Lightning bolt can be to some ears.

The NEW Yall release, is titled
 "The Sword of western Influence"
and you can download the Mediafile link direct from Yall just by clicking on the
splurge like image found at the bandsite right below the album artwork,

The Sword of Western Influence_-_Yall Album on Tumbler page.
You can 'Stalk' the guy's Farce Book page
were if you scroll down and look around you will come across a link to the album,
Drink from between our Hair.

Straight Math mix 5

 A whole bunch of good stuff this mix.
From the totally Obscure 'Cursaidfire' to the well loved 'Lightning Bolt',
Something for every colour of cat.

Here's the tracklist,

1. The Para Medics ---Burkina Faso---(maybe due to some glitch; if you select the
bandcamp tracks individually, you have the option to name your price--on the Para Medics-

2. Cursaidfire -- Later/alter---((can find nothing on this group))

3.Fugue -- Telemachus---((Freebie Bandcamp Link))--

4. Lowercase -- Neuresthenia--

5. We Vs Death -- Yes we went to Novgorod--((Freebie bandcamp))

6. Lightning Bolt -- Funny Farm--Name Link to their Free Mp3's page
Dont forget to get recently released 'Oblivians'
2 Super long 20 Minute Jams 4 name your Price Bandcamp

7. Double Dragons -- Track 7 --(hope to hear more from these guys 1 day)

8. Electric Electric -- La Motta--(frm 1st album Sad City Handclappers)
and their Electric Website

9. Commodor -- Dune--New Album can B Streamed and bought at the site in link
Driving out of Focus -their 1st Excellent album on bandcamp

10. Or So it Goes -- Texas Burning part 2--from their 2007 Demo.
2 New Tracks to stream on Bandcamp 

Pink Cat StraighT MathMix 5
On 4Shared,
4shared.com_-_"Straight Math Mix 5"

The Purkinje Shift

Did you Gamble Eddy?
That was my enigmatic use of a lyric from a song by "Home of the Wildcats",
the first band to feature 'Ben Davis', currently playing in 'The Purkinje Shift' with,
'Gary Flom' and 'Lee Corum'.
 You can (and should) read about Ben's lifetime commitment to music on his excellent blog.
there's a whole bunch of music including,
 4 Live recording's of Purkinje shows.
Also on the blog you'll find music from Ben's other bands,,
 'Home of the Wildcats'
'Moreland Audio' (+ 7 live recordings)
and 'Book of Rides',
 Skip straight to the music files by perusing the  'Highlighted in Green Link's' on the right hand side.
But what's exciting those in the know on the blogosphere is the fact that the last purkinje release was in 1999, and if anything the music has improved.
The Purkinje Sound has evolved without casting past work's into obsolescence.
This is the timeless magic of good Mathrock.
This is the Timeless Magic of "The Purkinje Shift"_-_bandcamp
The new work is entitled 'Executive Contours' (4 buck's) the past 2 releases free.

Warm Widow

Looking for a cheap christmas present?
Check out the poodle'ish looking driver in this Video of "Lost Dog" by,
Warm Widow---Lost Dog-
Warm Widow are a trio from Manchester England.
 If their crucial Bass Sound has you hooked,
the Entire album 'Widower' will only cost you 2 english pound's
Widower by Warm Widow on Bandcamp
You can also visit them at the Wonderfully, Wooly, Warm Widow Website,
HERE---Warm Widow-


Veloo are from Pau in France and play a Eperimental/post/math rock.
Yoan, Julien, Jean and Federico, would like you to have their 2008 Self Titled
first release for Free.
Click it down at the 'A Tant Rever Du Roi' Bandcamp site  HERE---Velooo
 More recently (in March) they released "Meme pas Mal" also on the Tant Rever site.
Just scroll up, (and down and all around) for lots of other good band's.
Ed Wood Jr, for one example.
Try the label's sampler, with 20 different band's, (unfortunately a sampler not for download!!!)
A Tant Rever du Roi_-_bandcamp_-_festival-Sampler

Ronaldo and Zutro

 'Ronaldo' are a band from Santiago, that comprise of Drums, Bass, Guitar,  and TWO
Usually this much Brass  would sound  a warning bell for me,
What a nice surprise then, to find  saxophone's and string's blending this well.
  It help's that the guitar's are tuned with Math Precision, but even so, 'Osman' and 'Ignacio'
on the horn's are to be commended for such refined playing.
"Ronaldo" would like you to have a digital copy of their 5 track EP, 'De Sibel'
absolutely Free, why not oblige them and visit,  Ronaldo on Bandcamp

How would you like a little bit, (quite a lot in fact) of Czecho Noise Math ?
" ZUTRO" are offering two EP's on their bandcamp!
'Meotar' from 2009, and their 'CVJ' Ep, from 2010.
Also just released and streamable on Bandcamp "PONK" can be had as a free download
from Silver Rocket records here,>>> ,Zutro-Ponk,


                                                    'Slept and Did Not Sleep'
Thats the name of the 'NEW' Ep from 'Ninetails',
 Maybe you remember their previous 3 brilliant tracks EP 'Ghost Ride the Whip'
with the track 'Pedestrian' ?

Anyway Superstar Destroyer record's Bandcamp page is where you'll find the
new EP, for Free Download (if you so choose) (the same as all other releases on SSD).
You can keep up with their farce book page here,.farcebook ninetails band
 (Visit the Bandpage to learn where this Liverpool quartet will be playing next).
 and Go get the Download. hereBelow,
Ninetails_-_bandcamp_-_Slept and did not sleep

4 Straight Math Links

Very difficult finding anything  about 'A Hundred Thousand',
without a blogger to bring them to people's attention,
the guys of this band may have been lost forever.
Playing now in 'Desert Fathers', and 'Forms' you can pick up their album 'Metaphase' from

Mirrorcreator_-_100_thousand_Metaphase.zip_links obscure Classic Math Album

Mirrorcreator_-_Stworywodne_-_Black_Muds__Bad_Big_Village.rar_links Polish Math seen on the

4Shared_-_Teeth Mountain_-_Teeth Mountain_  -- Tribal Percussive beats's.

or alternate link--


Mirrorcreator_-_DILUTE--live --From the 'Dilute' 'Hella' live Split

 Plokk ----there is a FREE album on offer from these guys under their new 

Banned Books

Banned Books  describe themselves as an Indie Noise group,
 which translates as lots of different stuff going on.
Anyway, I just discovered that they now have a Bandcamp page,
with 3 releases offered on the pay nothing to any middle men Scheme.
 Banned Books-bandcamp-their album Man Maker is a good place to start.

Plenty going on at their Farcebook page as well.

A couple of Kraut Rock Links

"Planeswalker", a Duo from Los Angeles, with the right attitude,
Dripping with goodness, 
and  Offered for Free,
their Album is aptly titled,
try them out here Planes Walker bandcamp

Adrian Snyder - drums
Evan Pegler - guitars

 Argetinian Krautrockers--

 ExTxM,  are both offering  freebie's
in the hope that if you get the chance to see them live you will do so.

2. Go Neko ---Go Kraut--Go get NEW ALBUM FREE--
and Go Get 1st album "Una Especie De Mutante" 'Free' Descarga Gratis

6. ExTxM --Viaje a donde te Estrellas---Freebie--
(Click--DESCARGA--then, after drop box thing;  'Bajar'--53 MB-)