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Saturday, 3 August 2013

"Brass" and "Nope"

Brass are a progressive blues boogie rock band from London, Stoke and Bradford.
Stef Ketteringham [of "Shield Your Eyes", Guns or Knives] - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Doog [of "Spy vs Spy" and the  "The Wow"] - Drums
Andy Abbott [of "That Fucking Tank" and "Nope"] - Bass
There's a few files of  "That Fucking Tank"
namely 'A document of the 1st', included at the bottom of
the following post
 "ouspenskyfallexo"_-_"A forward use of percussion"
and the band "Nope" just below.
The Live Recording pictured Above, can be found on the
"Obscene Baby Auction" label,
and is yours for FREE, rite about here.
"obscene baby auction"_-_Bandcamp.com/album/live-at-the-1-in-12-club
theres also a Bandcamp Page
named "Shield your Eyes &; related recordings" where everything appears to be FREE, including another collection of "Instrumental Demo's"
"Gnats clit recordings"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Brass"_"Instrumental demos"

Also on the obscene baby auction label.
NOPE are,
"Andy Abbott" - Guitar, Synth--mentioned Above--
'Patrick Dowson' - Vocals
'Jonathan Nash' - Drums, Synth
'Steve Nuttall' - Drums
From Leeds England.
The picture above is from the 2012 release "Revision" get it here,
"Obscene baby auction_-_Bandcamp_-_"Revision"
and there is a 3 track demo which is also very good, called
"The Whitewood sessions" and both of those Musical treats are FREE,
"Obscene baby auction"_-_"The Whitewood Sessions"

Friday, 2 August 2013

"Everyone to the Anderson"

Still no Word of weather
"Everyone to the Anderson" ouspensky Link.
are staying Split or recombining.
They have anyway just released for FREE, a 2007, 4 track EP, entitled,
Which you can pick up on the Bandcamp page,
along with the excellent LP,
"The Man Born from inside of a Horse"
"Everyone to the Anderson"_-_Bandcamp_-_'Doodlebug'
4 more tracks of Post hardcore rooted Math rock.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

"Libellule Incandescenti" Plus "Cyclikweetos",

Do you like Free Psychedelic Kraut and Roll?
I like  Free Psychedelic Kraut and Roll!!

My favourite Free Psychedelic Kraut and Roll track Right Now, is playing above.
"Le Libellule Incandescenti" or ('The Incandescent Dragonflys')
and the 5 track album,
"Panda and Circuse's"
Not Much info on this band from 'Bari' Italy,
nevertheless you can find their fine release on the 'Excellent' italian
"Lepers".it/bands.html label.
and the bandcamp Page download of 'Panda and Circuses' is jex Below,
"Lepers"_-_Bandcamp_album_"Panda et circenses"

A slightly different vibe from this french band.
Samples Drum Machines, and crazyness.
DJ Juice Garbage: beats, melodies, well kneaded samples.
Gerard Molard: guitars, samples multivitamin + master concrete.
Mamadou Love: verbal harassment and DRE & blackjack technique drunk.
Foorstair jackson:
CopyPasted from their Webpage where you will find a player that allows you to play each track that can be had for FREE, just below. (telechargement) = (download)
No Farce so Uncle Peeping Tom will have to look elsewhere!!!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

"The Schtrebers" and 'Joe 4'

"The Schtrebers"

From 'Belgrade' in the republik of 'Serbska'
Videc, and
Instrumental Rock.
If you clicked the track above and your listening,
then there's probably nothing else left to say, other than
there are two EP's on two different Bandcamp page's.
One Here, For FREE,
"The Schtrebers_-_Bandcamp.com/
and another one titled 1+1=10, jez below, for Name Your Price.
in addition there is the farce.
The farce book_-_"The-Schtrebers"
If you scroll down the second bandcamp link,
try the 'Joe 4' Croatian Noise rock,
 It's a bit heavy for my taste but catching, maybe because of the Albini mixing.
and the Name Your Price pricing policy.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

"Stage Kids"

Stage Kids, from 'San Diego' are probably already known to you
from one of their more Blogged pieces,
a la,
"Killer Tofu"

What initially confused me however was the 2 bandcamp sites.
One of which has a sort of compilation consisting of various members works.
"Headless Tribe Vol 1" it is pictured above, and can be had , like most of
"Stage Kids" releases for the ridiculous price of
Nothing! Get it jez below,
"Stage Kids"_-_Bandcamp_-_'Headless tribe vol 1'
taking part are the farcebook copypasted,
Ace Lagda- Keyboards
Jarryd Arcelao- Guitar
Jason De Jesus-Guitar/Electronics
Jonathan De Jesus-Drums
Sean Ladga-Bass
Eric Walters-Guitar
and the second bandcamp site contains some earlier stuff one of which goes by the name of,
jasondjsus_-_Bandcamp_-_album_-_"Trip hop"
and of course