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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Three for Nothing.

"Buff Clout"

Devin Grant, and
Blake Armstrong.
From Florida, then Sacramento,
Now Portland Oregon.
Read a little POT History here,
If you press the NEWS clicker, there are three Video's of
tracks from the next Album.
But be warned they were posted over a year ago.
The Farce is more up to date, farcebook_-_"Buff Clout"
They seem to be concentrating more on their individual Project's.
Which are linked to from the same site.
And the brilliant 3 track
"Buff Clout_-_Bandcamp_-_"Serious Pants"_EP


St Etienne.
Track Above from "Songs of the Cold North"
Bandcamp or FULL Album at
There is also another EP on the Bandcamp titled
'Grezo i Disgustos' which translates to "Grezo is disgusting inside"
"Jubile"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Grezo i Disgustos"
with music this Experimental dont expect to like everything,
but when it's GOOD it's Very GOOD:

Brooklyn New York,
3 Piece,
Arthur, and 
Two releases on the Bandcamp 
the most recent,
"Planned Obsolescence"
came out in JULY 2012,
A tour followed ending in August 2012, and then back to their 'Real Lives'
No Word Since, on the Farcebook,
Zvoov Farcebook,
and DONT forget 
'Pursue Happiness' - 'Catch Happiness' - 

Friday, 20 September 2013

"Peach Pit"

From "ZAGREB" - "Croatia"
"Peach Pit"
'Mihael Bele,
'Franjo Glusac', and
'Bruno Vidovic Vorberger'
Playing Post / Rock / Math / Rock, Instrumental Tunes.
They did a Famous Split with the German Band 'Majmoon'
which you can stream along with,
6 albums released since they started out in 1994.
4 of those albums you can get for FREE at their Bandcamp.

I would recommend considering buying the "2011",
"Dovidenja U Calgaryju"
Which is -Bosnian for-"See You In Calgary"
simply because their sound has been improving, and it may have
been the best album they put out.
Just released is a collection of diverse tracks entitled,
"Music for three Films" May 2013,
that you can get for FREE from 'Interstellar Records", 
(just scroll down to where it says - Album [Mp3/Zip] - ) here,
and the Bandcamp Link to the 1st Release Tricky Slaughter Operation",
there is a Fan Run Facebook with Info etc,
3 times  "Peach Pit" feature on the blog in Mixes before,
Theres a Review of the Band and some Info on the Films chosen for the Album
on a Bosnian Site which needs Translation, Here,
http://www.ravnododna.com_-_"Peach Pit" music for three films" 

Thursday, 19 September 2013


"Puerto Rico"
(rich Port)
"El Mono Vestido",(the Monkey Dress)
Brother Kzje Boi - Guitar/Vocals
Brother Pua - Percussion.
Groove and Stop. Rock.
Name Your Price.
"Maonopr"_-_Bandcamp_-_"El Mono Vestido"
the Farce, (Find Alternative)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


From 'Recife' in 'Brazil'
an experimental noise duo 
Formed by Fernando Athayde (guitar) and Joaquim “Chico” Francisco (drums), who worked together on the post rock band Fitrah,
Pick up the release from the Archive.org, or 
The Excellent 'Brazilian' Net-Label, Sinewave.
theres a couple of other new things on there since I Updated  The Blogs
Info on them.
Only 3 trax, but Three Quality Tracks, with hopefully more to come.
Here's a VIDEO of them when they were 'Fitrah'

"Trans VZ"

From Ternia -- Umbria -- Italy.

Some Post Punk.
"Trans VZ" are,
Ric, Guitar,
 Logan, Bass, and
Azize. Drumming.
Their album
"Progress // Regress"
Can be streamed and 'DOWNLOADED' from soundcloud.
Their works can be found also on the Arty Sounding,
To Lose La Track, label,
where the link for the split with "L' Amo"
(who are worth checking out, by the way)
Is also on the Bandcamp.
the Soundcloud Link.
the  'L'Amo' split bandcamp Link,
"Lamoeluimignora"_-_Bandcamp_-_'Split Trans VZ // L'amo'
the Farce,

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

"Fordamage" and "Argument"


From the 'Kythibongh' Label,
Pierre-Antoine Parois, in Room 204 and later Papier Tigre,
was joined up until 2006, by,
Jonathan Seilman, and
Arthur de La Grandiere.
ONE Self titled Album,
and One Tape both Name Your Price,

The 1st self titled álbum by Fordamage, and
'Belgian Tango'
are Now up for Name Your Price, on bandcamp,
Do I need to tell you who Fordamage are ?
Look Here,
and the B-Camp links,
and of  course
"Kythibong"_-_Bandcamp_-_'Belgian Tango'


Monday, 16 September 2013


Despite the Instrumental track above i should warn you in advance that Maraiton
 are a bit heavy on the Vocals in Italian.
If you like the sound of italian, then no problem.
Mattia, Samuele, Cristiano, Luca, Antonio, Gino, Bramieri, and Pele,
are from Tuscany Italy,
Their Album 'Papa' came out in 2011, it's yours along with a November 2012 EP
Name your Price,

"Les Lutins Patates de l'espace"

"Les Lutins Patates De L'espace"
(The Potato Elves of Space)
"Kill me when I'm Dead"

Sharing the stage with bands like,
sBach, Neptune, Thee Oh Sees, 65 days of static, 
Les Patates, started in 2004 and in 2010 released the above album,
which you can download FREE at their own website.
Also possible is to buy the album, with a Cover, YOU CHOOSE !
Check it out, is coool.
"Patateland".com/_-_"Kill me when im dead"
Unfortunately the band has gone on to other things.
In one instance the Collectif Coin, Video and Music group.
and in another case, the band Picore,
 a slightly arab sounding noise music, here,
or 4 FREE tracks on the Bandcamp, this one an Aucan remix called Ziggurat.
"Picore_-_Bandcamp_-_"Ziggurat Aucan Remix"
and a few more trax on Soundcloud.
Or you can download Track by Track their first Album 'Discopunkture from the new Ad heavy Last fm,
They should not be Confused with the Ouspensky Featured Band from 'Zaragoza'
also called Picore, to be found and downloaded for FREE, here,
"Picore Picore"_-Bandcamp_-_"Imag nate que acierto 2011"
featured on 5 in a row,

hey hey hey lets be  ENJOY out there.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

"De Gonzague"

From Lyon France,
A Dynamic Duo,
The above track is taken from the,
"Four Tracks for Fish" EP,
released in 2009, and yours For FREE. jez below,

"Deg Gonzague"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Four Tracks for Fish"
apart from the fact that this is some great Math Rock,
the reason for posting Now is that in May just past,
"De Gonzague" released the,
"Torpedo Deluxe" EP,
Which is priced at 6 Euro's the digital or 10 Euros the Disc.
They have their own website, here,
"De Gonzague".free.fr/
and hey