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Monday, 16 September 2013

"Les Lutins Patates de l'espace"

"Les Lutins Patates De L'espace"
(The Potato Elves of Space)
"Kill me when I'm Dead"

Sharing the stage with bands like,
sBach, Neptune, Thee Oh Sees, 65 days of static, 
Les Patates, started in 2004 and in 2010 released the above album,
which you can download FREE at their own website.
Also possible is to buy the album, with a Cover, YOU CHOOSE !
Check it out, is coool.
"Patateland".com/_-_"Kill me when im dead"
Unfortunately the band has gone on to other things.
In one instance the Collectif Coin, Video and Music group.
and in another case, the band Picore,
 a slightly arab sounding noise music, here,
or 4 FREE tracks on the Bandcamp, this one an Aucan remix called Ziggurat.
"Picore_-_Bandcamp_-_"Ziggurat Aucan Remix"
and a few more trax on Soundcloud.
Or you can download Track by Track their first Album 'Discopunkture from the new Ad heavy Last fm,
They should not be Confused with the Ouspensky Featured Band from 'Zaragoza'
also called Picore, to be found and downloaded for FREE, here,
"Picore Picore"_-Bandcamp_-_"Imag nate que acierto 2011"
featured on 5 in a row,

hey hey hey lets be  ENJOY out there.

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