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Friday, 20 September 2013

"Peach Pit"

From "ZAGREB" - "Croatia"
"Peach Pit"
'Mihael Bele,
'Franjo Glusac', and
'Bruno Vidovic Vorberger'
Playing Post / Rock / Math / Rock, Instrumental Tunes.
They did a Famous Split with the German Band 'Majmoon'
which you can stream along with,
6 albums released since they started out in 1994.
4 of those albums you can get for FREE at their Bandcamp.

I would recommend considering buying the "2011",
"Dovidenja U Calgaryju"
Which is -Bosnian for-"See You In Calgary"
simply because their sound has been improving, and it may have
been the best album they put out.
Just released is a collection of diverse tracks entitled,
"Music for three Films" May 2013,
that you can get for FREE from 'Interstellar Records", 
(just scroll down to where it says - Album [Mp3/Zip] - ) here,
and the Bandcamp Link to the 1st Release Tricky Slaughter Operation",
there is a Fan Run Facebook with Info etc,
3 times  "Peach Pit" feature on the blog in Mixes before,
Theres a Review of the Band and some Info on the Films chosen for the Album
on a Bosnian Site which needs Translation, Here,
http://www.ravnododna.com_-_"Peach Pit" music for three films" 

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