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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dios Trio

Ok so now you see the artwork, you remember who these guy's are.
Tim, Tony, Justin, and Sam, from Westborough.
For a Price you Name, on the bandcamp there are two new tracks,
Plus a track included on a compilation Release called 'Mouse Trapeze'
and according to my records, New Up on the Site, is an earlier EP called,
"Birds split (remastered)", as well as,
all for name your price.
and all sounding very smooth and Good.
Start here with 'Parks' and 'Rosa' the 2012 2 track release,
Dios Trio_-_bandcamp_-_Fair Enough_
"Where is  the Obligatory Farcebook"
Jez Below,
farcebook_-_Dios Trio

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Seven that Spells -- Live Series

From 'Zagreb' one of those Super groups that have seen over 50 musician's,
come and go.
Niko Potocnjak, appears to be the most consistent.
Anyway, in an attempt, to get you over to their main Bandcamp site,
and part with some money for their official releases.-((10 Albums listed on Discogs.))
"Seven that Spells" have set up a special Bandcamp page,
where 6 Volumes, ranging from single 25 minute monster Jams, to 6 track live sampler's of
various part's of their 'Ouvre' can be found.
All good quality live recording's,
21 track's in all, and Each volume can be had for Name your Price.
My favourite so far is the link jez below, a monster Kraut Psych Rocker, that takes 6 minutes to
lift off ;; then rocks for 11 solid minutes.
the other official Bandcamp, where album's cost 5 each,, is Just officially Below.
erm--possibly important coded message.
If you visit the main 'Seven that Spells' website,
http://www.7thatspells.com/info.html Look at the message top left,
 and go spin the 'Wheel of misfortune',
Give your eMail after breaking the wheel of misfortune, and they will send you a code for,
"Super Autobahn"

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Mahogany Throttle

Bit of a shameless reblog from 'Breaking the Music.tumbler--(over there on the right somewhere)
But why quibble when were talking about some good straight ahead Math.
Active from 1999 too 2008.
From Milwaukee, "Mahogany Throttle" were,
Brent Budsberg--Bass,
John Gleisner--Drums, and
David White --on Guitar,
Their album "Traverse" is being offered for a Nmae your price,
on the Bandcamp, jez below,

Monday, 22 April 2013


The 2005 release "Podrida Ser" is available for Name your price.
Start with the track below for an idea of how they play El Math in Madrid. jez below
then pick up the whole album, and the earlier self titled one Too.
Mane ,
Manuel, and
Nacho, can also be found on the Farce.
Farcebook_-_Rosvita band_.

Field Day

The picture is from the 7" by 'Field Day' called christian lunch.
Bobby, and
were from Richmond Virginia, and as recently as June 2010, they posted on their own
BLOG---"Its Field Day"_-_blogspot.com.es/
all of a sudden the post's stop.
A bit sad really, but as the comment says,
"we still have the music".
Indeed we do, and a Purkinjerish posthardcore'ish kind of MathRock is the type of music to expect.
Very obscure, Very select, Very good, (VOVSVG)) Like a fine cognac.
And if you  head over to the Archive.Org , you can pick up, the EP.
"Barbie With Gun", jez below,
They have a one stop shop mice-place.com/pickeyeaters
but for music lovers, why not two live shows recorded as
single 20 minutish mp3's, get them from Divshare, jezbelow,
((and if someone has the technology to 'Easily' individualise the
20 minute long mp'3s, feel free to do so))((and send me one please))