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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dios Trio

Ok so now you see the artwork, you remember who these guy's are.
Tim, Tony, Justin, and Sam, from Westborough.
For a Price you Name, on the bandcamp there are two new tracks,
Plus a track included on a compilation Release called 'Mouse Trapeze'
and according to my records, New Up on the Site, is an earlier EP called,
"Birds split (remastered)", as well as,
all for name your price.
and all sounding very smooth and Good.
Start here with 'Parks' and 'Rosa' the 2012 2 track release,
Dios Trio_-_bandcamp_-_Fair Enough_
"Where is  the Obligatory Farcebook"
Jez Below,
farcebook_-_Dios Trio

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