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Friday, 21 June 2013

"Legs like Tree Trunks"

"Scroll Down for News of JULY Planned Release"
"Kickstarter Preorder/Donations wanted NOW"
(Check them out, there are some good deals on offer) 

Last September 'Legs like tree trunks'
released the above EP, "Future Reference"
You can pick it up for Name Your Price at the Bandcamp,
"Legs like tree trunks"_-_Bandcamp_-_'Future Reference'
also on offer are 2 earlier EP's,
Matt Holden __Guitar Vocals,
Dave Shepherd__Bass
Dave Cerminara__Guitar Bells, and,
Tyler Donaldson__Drums,
From Pittsberg Philadelphia.

Twinkly Math, that sounds a little like
 'Insouciant' (Post Below)

 The Self titled EP,

"Odds and ends to keep you Sweet"
The Main Reason for this post however, is the Nice E.Mail I received from
 'Legs Like Tree trunks' 
Informing me (and Now You) of their upcoming album, 
that you can help to completion by 'Donating'
To a Kickstarter Campaign.
There are a Number of Options according to how much you'd like to pay.
Delivery 'Very Soon' ---"JULY".
So not long to wait. Read up on it, jez below,

Thursday, 20 June 2013


"Variable Resistor"

BloGGed "1" Month ago,

From New Jersey come ,
Adam,Bryan.Raul, and John,
They are
And they play a type of indie that is Fun and reminded me a little of Thinguins,
Not much in the way of a math sound, but then not predictable or boring and formulaic either.
So pretty experimental, and worth mentioning again, FUN.
Their 2010 release 'Dresser' is pictured above, and you can pick it up for a
Name your Price kind of deal over at the bandcamp,
there's a lot of other stuff there too, going right back to the 2001 solo work's
and the inclusion of Female vocals.
now if you head over to the farcebook of 'Insouciant',
you can read about the EP that is recorded and will be released, "Immenently"(EDIT(see Above))
enjoY, and I'll probably post a reminder/update when the EP is released.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

"La Pince" and "Tonnere Mecanique"

The picture is from the bandcamp release "La Simple", by
brussels 4 piece Noise math rockers,
"La Pince"
Head over to the download page for
 'La Pince',
From Boom Boom Rikordz,
for a 13 track free download,
Boomboom Rikordz_-_Fr_-_Albums/17
Likened to "Don Vito" in one review,
If this type of noisy raucous stuff is to your taste,
there are another two tracks,
4 download on the bandcamp, as part of a split with,
"Petula Clarck"
La pince_-_Bandcamp_-_split-with 'Petula Clarck'
For gig dates "La Pince seem to have the odd habit of adding dates to their Bandcamp page,

Also on the BoomBoom Rikordz label,
Tonnere Mecanique's album can be had for FREE,
though you may have to download the mp3's individually,
but they are worth it.!!
Sounding perhaps closer to noise than 'La Pince',
"Tonnere Mecanique"
Alex, and
Theo, are  from 'Marseilles' in France,
and their brand of noise/punk/math is relentless,
 in a way that constantly
forces the listener to stay on top of her/his/its  game.
There is a bit of info and news of the groups 'Doings'
on the Katatak_-_Fr_-_Artists_-_Tonnerre Mecanique_  site.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Above is the amazing 'Guitarist//Keyboardist/&/Singer' of,
You only have to wait 35 second's before you'll see the guitar and keyboard, being played
Like a lot of other 'Duo's",
"David" (the guitar/keyboard) and
"Owl" on drums,
have a Synergy, that allows them to
never leave a single second of time not filled with
beautiful Math sound.
8 tracks of first rate MATH, can be yours for
a Price you Decide.
go get some NO 1, and as always respect and ,

Sunday, 16 June 2013


From 'Gent' in Belgium,
comes the artist known as
real name,
"Bert Vanden Berghe"
These solo works have a post rock feel, as well as an 'indietronic' edge.
Thats not a genre im too familiar with,
what actually caught my attention with Brunk was the use of sample's,
and an experimental attitude to the track's I've tried so far.
"Hank and I were just bored" is not a bad track to start with, the sample if I remember correctly is taken from, 'Naked Lunch'
"Brunk"_-_Bandcamp_-_track_"Hank and I were just bored"
its 'Name your price' so do like me and just save the ones you like!!
There's Five more on Nmae your price offer if you like what your hearing,
Like the well good titled,
"Insert Coin to Continue"
"Got IT"?
Brunk_-_Bandcamp_track_-_"Got It"