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Saturday, 1 June 2013

"The Piano Machine" and "Miranda"

described as a cross between Oneida and LCD soundsystem this trio are from South Italy,
Calabria and Puglia.
and  are kindly offering you their EP, 'Whale Shit',
 which you can find on the freeMP'3's page of Italian label 'Scratch',

Download 'Miranda's' 'Whale Shit' here
then check out the more free albums-(top left) and start with the compilation's.
Also there's a handful of sample MP3's you can get from  Miranda, an a lot of the other
Bands on the Scratch Roster. 
From Scratch.it_-_Mp3_Samples page.

Be sure to check "Captain Quentin" starting with the Fantastic Video linked Jezz,

----The Bicycle----


-------The Airplane----

-------------The Piano Machine------
From Milan,
"Antonello Raggi" 
gives you 
3 EP's on the theme of Travel.
Why not start with the sort of self titled track, Pianomachine, from 

Friday, 31 May 2013

"Divers on the Moon" and "Karl Marx was a Broker"

From Milan come
Stefano and Fabrizio on Guitar,
Nadim on Bass, and
Giuseppe banging the drums.
Post rock of the Instrumental and better kind.
The April 2012 album,
"Aligned Lights" is yours for as little or as much as you want.
A very mathy sound, without letting that tag confine them to one style.
Divers on the Moon_-_Bandcamp_trk_F lying god 20_
the track above is a good place to start.
Gigging and writing new tunes constantly,
there are two single also for free download on
the bandcamp.
Theyll be playing at the 'Cinicello Balsamo' festival, just north of Milan
on June 8.
find out about it on the Farcebook_-_DiversOnTheMoon_

From Pistoria in Italy "Karl Marx was a Broker" sound a little like Don Vito to my ears.
A type of noise Math that doesn't let the listener fall into the somnolent position of knowing
what come's next.
Marco and
are offering for Free download Their Self Title Ep
 on soundcloud.
Soundcloud_-_Karl Marx was a Broker_
You can read up on them and find a link to buy their other stuff from their Farcebook.
Farcebook_-_Karl Marx was a Broker_


Thursday, 30 May 2013


Continuing with "Italy" week.

is the April 2012 release by the Italian band
Describing themselves as post punk, Putiferio sound to me a lot like the early stuff
by the 'Liars'.
"They Threw Us All in aTrench And Stuck a Monument on Top"
for example.
Visit the Robot Radio bandcamp site and you can get a digital (MP3)
version of the album absolutely FREE.
Robotradiorecords_bandcamp_-_Lov Lov Lov_
alternately you could start with their 2008 release,
"Ate Ate Ate"
also on Robot radio
Robotradiorecords_bandcamp_-_Ate Ate Ate_


Tuesday, 28 May 2013


 week here on the Ouspensky Fallout blog--(see picture of Gondola, jezt above)
--((and download the Italian Math MIX--Ouspenskyfallexo_-_Italian-math-rock-mix.html ))

"Fargo" ,who feature on the  Mix,are sadly no longer together,
'Despair NOT!'
Their entire discography is up on the Bandcamp for FREE.
While there you can read what 'Lacopo lietti' of 'Fine before you came'
((I'll be blogging them soon)))
has to say about playing with the enigmatic "Fargo"
and their entire discography, entitled
                                                   "A Record That Was Never Made"

here's a good place to start,
 Fargo_-_Bandcamp_-_track_-_I Feel Nothing_

Monday, 27 May 2013

Strange Tempos MATH ROCK mix

I was listening to this mix today,
and I suddenly realised;
Just how Good it is!
Plus Ive reupped it so Multiple Links should work.
This small collection of tunes have at some time, either sent a shiver down the spine

or struck me as having a Tempo that is strangely out of the ordinary time stream.

As if some 'Esoteric' secret about Human perception of sound and time passing had been

conveyed to the musician's herein featured.

The Strange Tracklist is as follows,

(be sure to check out the 3 album's of pitchblende's work at the link!!)

1. Dead pan Rangers -- You Know this one

2. Honey for Petzi -- freak Itten

3. Encrypt Manuscript -- Re Consider the Hysterical Consortium

4. Skoal Kodiak -- Tomah Triangle

5. Parallel Pyres -- Behind the screen

6. Pitchblende -- Tourniquet--(3 albums 4 FREE)-

7. The Intelligence -- Boredom and Terror

8. The Fall -- Tempo House

9. The Van Pelt -- The Speeding train

10. Unwound -- Message received

Download > v