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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


"Remember your Audience" from San Francisco Math rockers
Rima, and
appear to have been pretty quiet since the end of 2011,
but that's no reason why you shouldn't head over to their bandcamp page
and Grab the above LP along with the earlier,
"Rain dance for your Wedding"
both offered absolutely FREE,
a Good place to start is with the title track,

"Ventid"_-_"Bandcamp"__-_"Rain Dance for your wedding"
and go on from there.
Here's the farcebook, but there's nothing fresh
 On It John---Facrebook_-_Ventid band_

"Noir Voir"

"Noir Voir" are from "Bruntal" in the Eastern Czech republic, and offer you on a 'Name Your Price' basis,-"Produire"
an album of Post/Math/rock,
Experimental is just one of the other tag's  that can be used to describe them.
 With a violin taking front stage, this is a sound not found among many band's.
Try it out at the

you can also find out what  Petr, Marek, Marcel and Martin, are doing on their,

"Candy Machine"

"Candy Machine, autres Magnifiques"
"Perteetfracas.org"_-_"Candy Machine"_self_titled
Link at Top Left,
"Candy Machine" 
also featured on the "Van Pelt Island MIX"