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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Avian Architecture n Tyler Lindgren.

I had already heard and liked 'Avian Architecture's' Gemini Talons,
so an Email//News letter telling me of 'Tyler Lindgren's' latest release
was very welcome.
Tagged as Psychedelic, experimental rock,
 Tyler, playing  Drums n Keyboard's, along with J.D.Snell--Guitar, Bass,
continues where Gemini Talons left off.
The Full length LP is self titled and has enough room to try a few different directions.
Like the man says it's up for FREE at the moment,
Grab one while it last's,
Avian Architecture_-_bandcamp_-_Avian Architecture_ 
just out of interest, Tyler also does Solo stuff,
a lot of  keyboards, sometimes coming close to an 8 Bit sound,
but without becoming Mundane
and Dumbed Down.
"Houri" is his most recent release,
Jez Below,
Tyler Lindgren_-_Bandcamp_-_"Houri"-Ep_

Friday, 12 April 2013


Three guys from Denton, Texas, USA, playing some noodly type Math Rock, thats been compared to Don Caballero, among other's.
And why not??
Get it at the archive-Org Lost Children series, jez below,
4 tracks of Good time Math Rock.
Maybe because of the name, or perhaps hiatus problems,
the only link I can find is the Mice place,
Mice Place_-_Magnets

ALL Sharks

Post Hardcore from Malaga in Spain,
Absolutely fantastic sound from this duo.
Reminding me a bit of early Monument to Masses,
with the guitarist using a Beer Can Ring Pull for a plectrum,
lovely metallic sound.
7 track's of Post Hardcore bordering on Post Rock, of the best kind!!
Get them for FREE on the bandcamp, jez below,

Avalanche Ammo.

From Kildare, in Ireland with a sound like the Redneck Manifesto on crack,
Avalanche Ammo, is the Solo work of "Anthony Boland",
there's an interesting Interview with the Man behind Avalanche Ammo,
HERE-Alternative Irish Music Review.blogspot.com
the 4 track 'Animals' EP, is your's for FREEE.

Go here, and download some more of those great MATH Rock sound's,
Avalanche Ammo_-_bandcamp_
the inevitable and probably neccessary farcebook,
This guy was playing alongside 'The Continuous Battle of Order' and 'Alright the Captain'
enjoy--the --layer's---

Mr Maps

Mr Maps are from Brisbane, Australia,
and play a mix of post/rock with an occasional Mathy feel,
maybe a slight trip hop vibe can also be discerned.
A good place to start is "Wire Empire" from JAN 2011,
 available for FREE at their bandcamp site,
 Mr-Maps_-_Bandcamp_-_Wire Empire_
Also up for grabs, is
'Mimicry of Lines and Light' 2009,
the 'Tennis Party' single , (actually 4 treack's)
and the 'Nice Fight's' single, (5 tracks this time)
All Offered for FREE not even asking you to give them a text line of zero's.
the band are,
Chris Perren (Guitar, Electronics)

Mitch Knox (Keys),
Briony Luttrell (Cello, Keys, Electronics)
Jacob Hicks (Drums)
Andrew White (Bass guitar)
you can check out their Farcebook, jez below,
Farcebook_-_Mr Maps music_

Please Dance Hell Bear

Moscow MATH Rockers, "Please Dance Hell Bear" playing a track entitled 'Yanwar'
Misha, and
have a 3 track EP on Bandcamp, that you can pick up for FREE, jez below,
Please Dance Hell Bear_-_Bandcamp_
you might be interested in picking up the track above, 'Yanwar'
along with 'Gonka' and Bethoven, on their SOUNDCLOUD,
and because they might tour at some time,
the FARCE,

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Six Hands

From Limburg in Belgium,
 Joeri, Toon and Stijn, are
described as a slightly funky post Rock, it sounds a lot like
MATH Rock to my ears',
 they are offering both a DEMO and
an EP for FREE.
Six Hands_-_Bandcamp_-_Demo
Grab both and see what thy're are up to Gigwise,
There are dates up for May and June,
 and more being added,
over on their  Farcebook.com/zeshanden
(((zes handen=six handen)))

Good Idea/Bad Idea

From Madrid, Alvaro and Hernan, have some post/hardcore,
 sounding a lot  more like Math than anything else.
Incredibly friendly sound.
Not even asking for a donation, they offer this Self titled album for FREE,
and it is worth getting.
This is 4 years old but you may have missed it so click ove rto the Bandcamp and
Good Idea//Bad Idea_-_Bandcamp
find out a bit more about them at their myspace,
dwnld and Enjoy.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


From santiago in Chile, some smooth and pleasent instrumental,
Not much to say about this but that it is very listenable.
Felipe, and
Check out the Farcebook, here,
and the bandcamp Link to Download for Name You Price,

Monday, 8 April 2013

der TANZ

That's the cover of "Kaktusz" the new release from Hungarian Noise/Punk/Garage rocker's,
der TANZ
Arpad , Akos, and  Gabor, have made a full length follow up to last May's "White party demo".
The new album is sounding a bit bleakly vocal to my ears, a lot of experimentation,
but if you start with their previous
EP, a little aclimitisation might help your appreciation.
The EP is offered for FREE, and the Album is "Name your Price",
Start with the EP, to give you an Idea of where these guy's are coming from, Give them a try
Jez Below,