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Saturday, 12 October 2013

"Me and the Hedgehog"

That Future Friendly Image above is the cover of EP
David Soprano, and
Oscar Vasquez.
From "Ourense" in the top left of Spain..
Math stands for "Me And The Hedgehog"
and it has a Unique Spanish Guitar Sound, described on the Bandcamp page as Space Flamenco.
Try Some,

You can Download the EP 2 from the 'Me and the Hedgehog' Bandcamp here,
"Me and the Hedgehog"_-_Bandcamp_-_Math-ep-02
there are some other tracks there to stream, but unfortunately,
no more to Download,
Unless you head over to the OuspenskyFallExo blog post on the band
where Oscar and David are joined by
Carlos Romay on Bass.
Go straight to the less Spanish Guitar and More bassy sound of
Uppercut here,
http://subesube.bandcamp.com/    Name Your Price where downloadable.

"Waking Aida"

Picture, Taken from the 2011 Release "Hachiko" Ep,
and a Live track from September 2013,
to play below,

James, and
From Southampton / Bristol /London. England.
"Hachiko " EP for which you can name your Price
was the first sizable reléase from,
"Waking Aida",
there are another 4 tracks + the live one playing to be had,
Not forgetting the 2 Units they are asking for the latest Single,
Hyperdiamond // Allergic, get them here,
"Waking Aida"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Hachiko"_EP
there is a Website, ( always nice to see)



"Ono Monopia"

Benjamin Hubbard, and
Emmet Thatcher, are from,
Santa Clarita, just north of Los Angeles.
Basically the same 5 tracks in three forms, available on the Bandcamp
for FREE.
Duodic Style of Synergistic MATH, performed in a way
Appreciated by the OuspenskyFallExo blog. get them here,
"Ono Monopia"_-_Bandcamp_-_'Ooarie'
check out the Gig times, at the farce,
farcebook_-_"Ono Monopia"

Friday, 11 October 2013

" O Grande Ogro"

Noise Rock, 'Plus' which means it's a WHOLE lot more than just Noise Rock, Jackson, Cesar, Andre, and Genesio, from 'Sao Paulo' "Brazil" You can stream the Bandcamp, here, but For a Donate What You Like Download of the Album, 'IS' neccessary to visit Excellento, "Noise Trade DOT Com. "O Grande Ogro"_-_Bandcamp_-_"O Grande Ogro"_-_STREAM-Only_ And For The Bands Own Website click here, http://ograndeogro.wix.com/ograndeogro The Download can be Had for a Donation of Choice here, "Noisetrade.com_-_"O Grande Ogro"_-_'O Grande Ogro' Is'nt life better without a farce ??? ENJOY.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

"Let us just call it Abstract"

"Travel Diary of a Sentimental Dinosaur"
Just F***ING Listen !!!!!

With the Best of Math Rock and High Emotion of the Best Post Rock,
slight remenisce of Planeswalker -- Ouspenskyfallexo_-_"Planeswalker"
these guy's are from GERMANY,
"Ricardo Hauser" and,
"Lukas Kraus"
Well above the average Listen,
This will be in the TOP 10 of the year.
No LINK other than the
"Let us just call it Abstract"_-_"Travel diary of a sentimental Dinosaur"
Name Your Price.
nothing else need be said,

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

"Microcause" and "Surveillance"

Above is Pictured and Playing the NEW split releases from "Madrid"
Post Rock / Math Rock / Instrumental band,
you can pick it up from their Bandcamp for a Name Your Price deal,
along with the January 2013,
"Producing the Universe"
A nice straightforward type of Math that neville the less is showing
improvement and Evolution.
"Microcause "_-_Bandcamp_-_"Producing the Universe"
after you've finished Checking the Date's in 'SPAIN' and 'Portugal' of the Imminent TOUR,
Oct 2013

V11. Setúbal - Octubrus Concept Bar (PT)
S12. Barcelos - Festival Cellos Rock (PT)
D13. Vila Real - Club de Vila Real (PT)
L14. A Coruña - Casa Tomada (ES)
M15. fecha disponible
X16. fecha disponible
J17. fecha disponible 
V18. Madrid - La Faena II (ES)
on the Farce Book,
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

'Tiago Martins', and,
'Ines Lobo'
from Setubal in
playing what they describe as Math Rock / Shamanic / Alternative,
is a lively sound made up of Male and Female Vocals
over a never boring Musical Terrace.
Their September 2012 self titled release has that strange
Bandcamp QUIRK where you can download the individual song's for NAME YOUR PRICE,
get em while their Hot ouspensky'ites.
for Example,
and the farce book, with That tour I mentioned before , mentioned again,
make sure that you dont forget to


Pasadena / Los Angeles,
Post Hardcore, ( the kind without shouting.)
Post Rock (the kind thats not Boring )
"Polygraph" were,
Jeff Adams, guitar,
Josh Clark, Bass,
Eddie Mosqueda, Drums, and,
Jeremiah Bignell.guitar.
The track above is from the 2006 Release,
"The Future is Old" name your Price,       
"Polygraphmusic_-_Bandcamp_-_"The Future is old"
following on in 2010 with
"Crown City" and then in 2011,
"The Ends of the Earth".
Most recent was ,
"Time and beyond Time" out last february.
All of them can be had for Name Yor Price, at the link above.
They have a farcebook still up and running , where I found a rather
interesting LINK to a site that shares FREE live recording's.
Havent checked it out yet, but here it is anyway,
http://darshun.blogspot.com.es/ Free live recordings BLOG.
and of course the farce i mentioned,


Tuesday, 8 October 2013


El Tío Pastaflora and Los Hermanos Vicario, were joined by members of the
Motorized police, an Argentinian Indie band, in 2005, and together they produced one of the best
KrautRock SpaceRock albums of the Decade.
"Viaje A Donde Te Estrellas"
("Voyage to the Stars")

Released on the Archive.Org, and Also on the Mandarinas 'ALL FREE' Record Label, 
 I'll give you the Mandarinas Link because there may be other stuff you might like to 
LOOK over there, it's updated very often, just click NEW, (Novedades),
and for the Download the word to click is BAJAR, on the Right. jez below,
Mandarinas Records_-_ExTxM_"Viaje a Donde te Estrellas"       
you KNOW what to DO.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

"Constant Waves"

Two more tracks from "West Midlands" band,
"Constant Waves"
"The Buddy System"
name your price, previous Post here, just 1 month ago, so is FRESH,
"Ouspenskyfallexo_-_"This-city-called-earth"-and-"Constant Waves"
and the Bandcamp Link,
"Constant Waves"_-_Bandcamp_-_"The Buddy System"
N Joy.



From Chicago,
Cant find a lot of information on these guy's.
And dont know if they still play under the same or a different name.
Two free EP's are offered sharing some of the same tracks, but all worth the downloading.
"Snowbeast" are or were,
 Ed Ballinger - Guitar
Mike Roth - Drums, and,
Ben Myers - on  Bass,
Pick up some Post Rock, Instrumental, sounds at the link JeZ Below,
the Chicago mention may be because there's another group goes by the same name.
there's a myspace but I cant access it unless I accept NSA cookies,

"Shipley Hollow" were "The Colour Connection".

From, "Toronto",

Zach Goddard,
Seamus Hamilton,
Patrick Hamilton,
Sean Clarey, and
 Matthew Fleming.
"Shipley Hollow"
and they have just released an EP,
"Costa Concordia",
that's the title track playing at the top.
Up to 2011 the Band went under the name
"The Colour Connection"
and released two EP's "June" and "EP",  that you can download for FREE,
from Jamendo, the same place where I got the player from.

"Jamendo"_artist_"The Colour Connection"
There was an Ep under the new Name,
Shipley Hollow, called,
"Post Everything", which is Name Your Price, as is the New offering.
and three more odd tracks given for FREE
over at the ,
"Shipley Hollow"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Costa Concordia" EP_
the Farce, with GIG InFO,
farcebook_-_"Shipley Hollow"