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Saturday, 12 October 2013

"Me and the Hedgehog"

That Future Friendly Image above is the cover of EP
David Soprano, and
Oscar Vasquez.
From "Ourense" in the top left of Spain..
Math stands for "Me And The Hedgehog"
and it has a Unique Spanish Guitar Sound, described on the Bandcamp page as Space Flamenco.
Try Some,

You can Download the EP 2 from the 'Me and the Hedgehog' Bandcamp here,
"Me and the Hedgehog"_-_Bandcamp_-_Math-ep-02
there are some other tracks there to stream, but unfortunately,
no more to Download,
Unless you head over to the OuspenskyFallExo blog post on the band
where Oscar and David are joined by
Carlos Romay on Bass.
Go straight to the less Spanish Guitar and More bassy sound of
Uppercut here,
http://subesube.bandcamp.com/    Name Your Price where downloadable.

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