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Monday, 14 October 2013


Do you like 'RODAN' ?

"Encode" and 
"Singing through the Telescope" released in  2003.
another release came in 2011, title "Core", but the Female Speaking  Vocalist had Left or Gone Silent,
Still, a Great sounding ALBUM, is left to Music Lovers,
Matteo and Elena on Vocal's - Former members of a band called 'Nastjenka'
were joined by,
Andrea M. from 'Frozen Fracture' and
Marcello and Andrea C. from 'Enter K' Read all about IT,
 "Nastjenka" or sometimes "Nasten ' ka"
 are with Under My Bed records, link here, (MP3's dont work and Tapes Sold OUT)
((If you have any Luck tracking down anything by 'Nastjenka' I would be very grateful))
for Example, (listen Only and I apologise)

Here's the Link  - Name Your Price -
ghostrecords_Bandcamp_-_"Encode"_-_"Singing through the Telescope"

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