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Friday, 16 March 2012

Bands Not Featured on The Math Rock Blog "1"

Here is a small collection of Math Rock,as stated not to be found so far on The Math Rock Blog.-

1. Anisette-Fruit Salad-Tuesday night turtles

2. Artanker Convoy-Geyser

3. Attacks the Darkness-I am the gatekeeper-I see faces in everything

4. Barrows-Apparition by moonlight

5. Conquistadors-rochelle rochelle-joseph

6. Boogie Monster-Majora

7. By divine right-Come for a ride

8. Depakine chrono-Jana likes

9.Good Citizens-soma holiday-shark weak

10. Le christ hypercubist

11. Ecstatic sunshine-conch

And Here is the Link-
Here Is The LINK