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Saturday, 10 August 2013


Now Pablo and Antonio also play as a DUO called

And they Have an Album entitled
"Los Amantes del Ritmo" -- ("Rhythmn Lovers").
which they would like you to have for a price decided upon by YOU.
"Otisbul"_-_Bandcamp-album_"Los Amantes del Ritmo"
also there is a 12 track version of the "UH" Split with 'tortuganonima',
called Puta Daniela, with horrible artwork, but dont let that put you off.
Thats Pano + 1 other = UH,
so get right on one matey.

Friday, 9 August 2013

"Monnocle" and "Upstairs Nurses"

3 piece from "Strasbourg" France.
Playing Mathy Experimental Post Tag Post alternative, Rock
There's the Self titled EP above, plus the album
"BOUCHERIE DU PROGRES", and an odd track, all to be picked up for
FREE, track by track at the Monnocle Website.
along with some video's, here,

The snazzy artwork is from
"And Upstairs Nurses" ---"Dece Mustings"
which was released in March 2012.
Sam, and
Charles from
Birmingham england.
A lot of creative ground covered by these guy's and therefore Im reluctant to start
piling on tags, so I'll leave it at Math Rock, and keep my fingers crossed for the next release, see below.
"Dece Mustings" can be downloaded for FREE along with the earlier 4 track,
"G-Ride Art Funkel" here,
"And Upstairs Nurses"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Dece Mustings"
reading between the lines on their farce BOOK,
it sounds like another release may be imminent.
--"slotting the last few tracks into the album... time to start thinking about artwork, track listing etc"
"we're still writing, we want to make each of these 10 songs special enough to satisfy ourselves as a band. everything else is chicken feed."
sounds GOOD,
farcebook_-_"And Upstairs Nurses"

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

"Electric Electric"

"Electric Electric" are,
Eric Bentz, Vincent Redel and Vincent Robert
From "strasbourg" "France"
The above track can be found on the 2009 release, (pictured)
"Sad Cities Hand Clappers"
which you can listen too at their amazingly Good website, here,
Be sure to click to listen!!!!--Ecouter L'Album--
Also on offer for FREE are 2 earlier demos,
the 1st has  6 untitled tracks,
 the 2nd includes 4 tracks not  found on 'Sad cities Hand Clappers'.
or on the  Newest Release, "Discipline"--October 2012, to be had here on the african tape group,
For a chance to see "Electric Electric" live, and if  your living in France or denmark??
and the farce,
farcebook_-_"Electric Electric"_-_band

"Natural Thrills"

From Fresno California.
Natural Thrills are offering 5 tracks at  Name your Price.
5 tracks of experimental soft vocal mathy rock.
 Kevin Figueroa - bass/vocals
Justin Rodriguez - guitar/vocals
Kaleb Saldate - drums/keys/vocals
here's the link,
"Natural Thrills"_-_Bandcamp_-_'Natural Thrills

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Another band I found through the 'Gnats Clit' bandcamp page,
Emilio, and
from Brighton England.
sadly stopped playing  in 2011.
You can read about that and see a well kept chronicle of all the
bands they played with along the way, at a tumbler Page, here,

The very last gig was with the Excellent Czech band
"Depakine Chrono"_-_Bandcamp
a few tracks for download there,
 and some more on the Last Fm,

Anyway the above track full of ----
Post Rock Mathy Goodness., can be yours for
"FREE" along with
what appears to be a further Incredible
2 Demos and an Album Plus a final Break up Tape.
24 tracks in All including the 12 to be found on
"Illness" band_-_Bandcamp_-_"Some Vegetable Waste"

Dont Miss this One, and