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Saturday, 6 July 2013


Do you like 'Talk Demonic' ?
Try replacing the cello with a 'Violin'
but never a 'fiddle',
and it might sound a bit like,
From 'Nancy' in 
Anthony, and
Have a newish album, (February just past)
that you can stream and Buy at the bandcamp.

also there is a 6 track Demo,
a 7 track _'Tribute to KC'_ album, and
a 4 tarck Promo EP.
 For FREE or Name your price,
Some of the tracks (or tarcks) have an arabesque style, which sets off the
generally moody and menacing atmosphere of much of this
Experimental post rock.
Where "Talk Demonic" have a trip hop vibe evident,
'Filiamotsa' tend to centre their sound as Post rock.
so why not give it a LISTEN,
"Filiamotsa"_-_Bandcamp_album_"Sur la pointe de la v li re" demo-2008
and EnJoY.
the Farce---(Uncle Peeping Toms Favourite)

Friday, 5 July 2013

"Dream Youth"

"While Growing, Hold Still"
From 'Lanheses' jez North of Porto,
in "Portugal", come,
Rui, and 
playing an often French sounding post Rock,
Moody somewhat in the style of 'Dont Look Back' perhaps,
You can pick up 'Dream Youth's' album afor a price to Name at 
where you will find a Free Interpol track Cover,
A timely Post this perhaps as a New Track has been announced from
a New album on the farce-book. and you can listen to that here, (will play on opening)
oh yeah, the farce,
(i almost forgot)

Thursday, 4 July 2013


From 'Barrow in Furness' come,
Curt, and
They are "Crane"
and they have been listening to all kind's of music.
Nothing is out of place on their álbum,
"Curious Robots and Nauseous Ears"
 Some Prog here, a metal riff there,
whatever sounds new at the momento.
A King Crimson 90's dance band,?
why not.
There are four song's to stream on the Bandcamp page,
If you should decide to accept the offer of a FREE download,
You will also find, these tracks,
-"I Jump on this",
-"Bleed Blue Blood", and
as well as a remix of
'Roberts your Dad's brother'
get it jez below, on the 'Hairy Wolf' labelsite.
"Hairy Wolf_-_Bandcamp_album_"Curious Robots and nauseous ears"
cant forget the spy fórum,
"farcebook"_-_"Crane band"
Nice picture from their 2010 Ep tour,


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

"Monsters of the Antipodes" n "McNulty"

From Baltimore,
Adam Segal and Greg Lewis, make up
along with Matt Sherman, and
Mike Bistis.
No recording was ever made of their work except for a live radio show
that you can pick up for a Price to Name, from the
"McNulty_-_Bandcamp_Live on WUVT Radio_
Adam and greg are busy chaps,
 currently they are playing with 'Alex Jimson' in
Monsters of the Antipodes, whose October 2012 release
'Houses' can  be had For FREE  at,
"Monsters of the Antipodes_-_Bandcamp_album_"Houses"
If your wondering what Adam and Greg would sound like if just the two of them were playing,
why not try the experimental sounding,
'Trees in the sky'. Their album is called 'Mood Swings',
 and can be yours also for FREE,
"Trees in the Sky_-_Bandcamp_track_'Broken e String'
 Theres another band called dedleaves who's stuff is dead slow and ambient,
So I will leave you with the most recent news of the duo, Greg and Adam, on the
Monsters of the Antipodes Farce Book.--just 4 days ago,
farcebook_-_Monsters of the Antipodes_

Monday, 1 July 2013


From 'Providence' Rhode Island, hail a Duo with a sound that is,
Jazz-Not jazz.
A Little like the mania of lightning Bolt,
"Shrk Wk" aren't too worried about song structure, just playing for the moment,
 and trusting that later on will take care of itself.
The track above is from the 'Name YOUR Price' Split cassette with Defective Vision.
And the Neon Artwork from the 2010 FREEE "Bagel Bagel" reléase.
The most recent output is the December 2012,
"Shrkwk"_-_Bandcamp_-_"Televisi Yi Yi Yi Yi"
"TELEVISI YI YI YI YI" also Name your Price.
If song structure and identifiable Riffs are your thing,
 try downloading everything and
giving it a 'Spin'.
Quite often some good and catchy songlines emerge from the chaos.