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Saturday, 6 April 2013


Unfortunately I dont have my 3D specs handy,
but Im not going to let that stop me from enjoying the MATH, Stoner, Jam, Post Rock, sound's of 
From 'Ourense' in Spain, all the way to the west near Santiago De Compostella,
David, Oscar and Carlos, provide some tasty Jam's that change pace from slow/steady to the 
crescendo, skillfully and without the listener feeling that a formula is being followed.
You can pick up the Self Titled album "Uppercut" jez Below,
((Sube Sube translates as 'Rises Up'))((an UpperCut,--get it?))
They also have a --Farce Book-- Here,

Blood Sport

From sheffield in England, Alex Sam and Nick choose to tag themselves Experimental Post/Punk,
Not out of place on a MathRock blog however,
 they have just released their third EP, titled Zero Slash.
October 2011 saw 'Journal 4' and then in May 2012 'Fruits The Tye Dye Tapes Recordings'',
pictured above.
For an idea of how good these guys can play start with 'Ode to Finn & Jake' linked to here,
and like all three EP's Free or Pay what You Like.
Blood Sport_-_bandcamp_-_track_-_Ode to Finn & Jake_

Friday, 5 April 2013

Quarles Van Ufford, aurakramp.

After the demise of 5 piece band "Morbide Eenheid " three members went on to form,
"Quarles Van Ufford",
Gabry, Guitar,
Jeroen, drums,  and
Daan, Bass
together play a Math Rock that to my ears sound's very much like Honey for Petzi,
here's what the label site Narrow minded say's.

" At first hearing musical reference points will probably make you dizzy ((John Zorn, Slint, Fantomas, Deerhoof, King Crimson), but in the end the only possible conclusion will be that Quarles van Ufford has found a truly original sound of their own."
Released, in 2005, their only album, all three are into other thing's now,

the album and artwork for "Aurakramp" can be had for Nothing,

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

'YOU SLUT' "Grit Eyed and Greasy Tailed"

Released in 2006, before the now famous "Critical Meat"
"Grit Eyed and Greasy Tailed", consists of  three tracks and is yours for free by
visiting the 'YOU SLUT' soundcloud jez below,
there's also a track called Hellsock that you can pick up.
the_-_farcebook_-_you slut band

'Clever Girl' and 'Great Deeds'

'Clever Girl'
"No Drum and Bass in the Jazz Room",
This Sheffield four piece band originally recorded this now famous EP with the
Rec and Play, -

Recording studio and practice room in Sheffield city centre
Studio Recording - £125 per day
Practice Room - £7.50 per hour / 3 hours for £20

Visit their website for a handfull of video's and band links,
While there you may come across,

"Great Deeds",
 also from Sheffield,
 Chris, Ben and Tom, play a punky kind of Math rock,
listen and Pick up for Name your Price, along with a Demo and 4 track EP, at  
you can keep a closer track of them at the,