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Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Pasadena / Los Angeles,
Post Hardcore, ( the kind without shouting.)
Post Rock (the kind thats not Boring )
"Polygraph" were,
Jeff Adams, guitar,
Josh Clark, Bass,
Eddie Mosqueda, Drums, and,
Jeremiah Bignell.guitar.
The track above is from the 2006 Release,
"The Future is Old" name your Price,       
"Polygraphmusic_-_Bandcamp_-_"The Future is old"
following on in 2010 with
"Crown City" and then in 2011,
"The Ends of the Earth".
Most recent was ,
"Time and beyond Time" out last february.
All of them can be had for Name Yor Price, at the link above.
They have a farcebook still up and running , where I found a rather
interesting LINK to a site that shares FREE live recording's.
Havent checked it out yet, but here it is anyway,
http://darshun.blogspot.com.es/ Free live recordings BLOG.
and of course the farce i mentioned,


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