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Tuesday, 8 October 2013


El Tío Pastaflora and Los Hermanos Vicario, were joined by members of the
Motorized police, an Argentinian Indie band, in 2005, and together they produced one of the best
KrautRock SpaceRock albums of the Decade.
"Viaje A Donde Te Estrellas"
("Voyage to the Stars")

Released on the Archive.Org, and Also on the Mandarinas 'ALL FREE' Record Label, 
 I'll give you the Mandarinas Link because there may be other stuff you might like to 
LOOK over there, it's updated very often, just click NEW, (Novedades),
and for the Download the word to click is BAJAR, on the Right. jez below,
Mandarinas Records_-_ExTxM_"Viaje a Donde te Estrellas"       
you KNOW what to DO.

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