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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Shapes Like Dinosaurs

Sam, and
Tyler, are,
'Shapes like dinosaurs'
And they hail from, Birmingham 'Alabama' 
With a sound a bit like rooftops,
 lot's of noodling and good Mathy grooving,
They  released a CD of Rarities, in April last year,
that can also be had for FREE,
If your not already familiar with
'Shapes Like dinosaurs'
get ready for some top rate Math, with occasional Samples used to add Ideas
to the mix.
Rarities is "7" tracks, and a fine addition to their previous two EP's,
"Jurassic geometry", and
 "Cretaceous Calculas"
 All three can be had for Free Download at the
Shapes like dinosaurs_-_bandcamp_album_Rarities
and after a years abscence from their Farce book,
a new song is apparently in the works, News of it recently posted-(last month)
on Farce book_-_Shapes like Dinosaurs
there's no reason on Earth not to Enjoy this,
go Get,

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