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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Charts and Maps

You may already be familiar with the 2011 Album "Dead Horse"
by 'California' Math band
"Charts and Maps",
it is obtainable for the very reasonable price of nothing.
FREE on the bandcamp, dont forget to pick up the excellent single also on offer,
'Pearl divers of the Arabian Peninsula'
"Charts and Maps"_-_bandcamp_
incidentally the Pearl Divers track and one from 'Dead Horse' were part of
a 4 track EP placed on the Archive.org, back in 2008.
So, to pick up 2 more track's,--(definately not two too many!!))
'The Sheriff suspects arson' and
'Herd of Elephants',
It would be a good idea to get them, also for free, jez below,
Charts and Maps have been blogged before here as part of the
Straight Math Mix 3,
  Ouspenskyfallexo_-_"Straight Math Mix 3"
no farcebook for "Charts and Maps", but they do have a
Mice Place_-_Charts and Maps_
en         joy.

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