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Thursday, 2 May 2013


Pjaro from Sheffield England.
One of the band is probably called Robbie, another begins with "P"
and there also seem to be a couple of other initials floating in and out. Still,
They have a 3 track EP on bandcamp, and have just added two more songs,
aptly titled
"Two more song's ? safe"
This duo (sometimes trio) create some good Math,
very listenable.
They had a good
EP back in january called "Why is no one here"
available (only so far)  as a 3 quid cassette, from tye Die tapes,
for the 3 Free tracks plus a live 1 and the two new one's,
the regular bandcamp page is jez below,
Pjaro scps_bandcamp_-_Two more songs ? safe._
and of course the farcebook,
faRcebook.com_Pjaro scps_
E n  JOY.

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