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Monday, 29 April 2013


Sailors were formed in 2007, and split up to go to various universities in 2011.
From 'Bristol' in the UK, 'Sailors' play a punchy and lively kind of Math, with clear vocal's.
A pleasent change from many Math vocal styles, that are  supposed to sound sincere,
 but too often come out forced/false.
Mike, and
Paddy, say on their farcebook, that although they have split ,
you still have the two EP's they released on the Bandcamp.-jez below,
Sailors UK_bandcamp_-_Album_White Candy EP_
theres also a last track that was placed onto the Soundcloud, called, 'Flock as a Feather'
a band practice, a bit rough but a good listen anyway. Free Download it,
and if 'Sailors' see a continued interest in their music, who knows, maybe after UNI
they'll think about making some more.
the Obligatory, coz its a Farce,
Farcebook_-_Sailors UK

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