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Monday 25 March 2013

Ronaldo and Zutro

 'Ronaldo' are a band from Santiago, that comprise of Drums, Bass, Guitar,  and TWO
Usually this much Brass  would sound  a warning bell for me,
What a nice surprise then, to find  saxophone's and string's blending this well.
  It help's that the guitar's are tuned with Math Precision, but even so, 'Osman' and 'Ignacio'
on the horn's are to be commended for such refined playing.
"Ronaldo" would like you to have a digital copy of their 5 track EP, 'De Sibel'
absolutely Free, why not oblige them and visit,  Ronaldo on Bandcamp

How would you like a little bit, (quite a lot in fact) of Czecho Noise Math ?
" ZUTRO" are offering two EP's on their bandcamp!
'Meotar' from 2009, and their 'CVJ' Ep, from 2010.
Also just released and streamable on Bandcamp "PONK" can be had as a free download
from Silver Rocket records here,>>> ,Zutro-Ponk,

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