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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

"All of Them Witches"

3 More Tracks from
"All Them Witches"
Listen for YOself,
Kinda Storm and Streff, in places.
Name Your Price,
"All of Them Witches"_-_Bandcamp

Buffalo, New York.
"Phil" and
The EarLier ,"Pythagorean Demo" is , free at bandcamp,
only 2 tracks, but if you click the tracks of the first
release "Breathers"
 individually, you might get Tracks 2, 6 and 9  for free.
Believe ME!
Night time peanut butter!
Heeere's the FaceBookI,
FaceBook(I)_-_All of them Witches_
according to Whom,
"All of them witches"---(the band not the FBI)--(ahem)--
will be playing with
"Giraffes Giraffes" in the ninth ward, New York.
On July 11.

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